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Meet Intel Russia: Dmitrii Maksimov, Deep Learning Manager for OpenVINO PRO

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Dmitrii-2x1-1-1024x512.pngWorking on technologies that makes the world a better place is always a challenge, and our Deep Learning Manager Dmitrii Maksimov knows a lot about that. He leads the team working on adding new on-demand functionality and deploying services within the OpenVINO ecosystem. We caught up with Dmitrii to talk more about OpenVINO capabilities, how it is used today, and how his team is pushing its boundaries.

What does your team do?
In a general sense, we are working on the OpenVINO Software Development Kit (SDK), which is a set of tools for computer vision. OpenVINO is not just a product, it is an expansive project that brings together a team of degree-holding mathematicians, programmers, and engineers working on several subprojects focused on simplifying and improving the use of neural networks and of the overall product. More specifically, my team is implementing the OpenVINO PRO subproject.

Where can OpenVINO be used?
OpenVINO’s potential application field is very broad, from medicine to transportation logistics to banking. In a nutshell, it can be used everywhere where neural networks are used. For example, neural networks can be used to identify people with COVID-19 (by analyzing CT scans). Additionally, our employees are already using OpenVINO for identity authentication to automatically unlock doors in an apartment building. Plus, there are programs for neural networks capable of detecting potentially dangerous behavior on the road, at school, and out on the street, thus making it possible to prevent an accident or a terrorist attack, etc. OpenVINO is used by commercial entities such as automobile manufacturers (neural networks can identify defects during parts manufacturing and provide quality control of welds for instance) and medical equipment manufacturers (helping them develop ultrasound machines for pregnancy management). They are also in devices used for detecting birds in the vicinity of airports and much more.

What capabilities does OpenVINO offer?
OpenVINO was designed to help achieve greater speed, make precise computations, and deliver high energy efficiency when using equipment from Intel for object recognition. If your business uses Intel hardware, OpenVINO eventually guarantees you top performance. There's a myth that you need a video card to be able to use computer vision, but that's just not true. One of our CPUs will do the job just as well and will demonstrate better performance than competing hardware.

What are OpenVINO PRO’s objectives?
The OpenVINO PRO project was initiated to make the usage of OpenVINO even more convenient and appealing to customers by reducing the time it takes to solve problems, by adding new on-demand functionality, and by deploying services within the OpenVINO ecosystem.

What are your objectives right now?
These days, it is important to be able to provide high quality services, solve problems quickly, and provide convenient services enabling the product’s use for further business expansion. OpenVINO is already being actively used by large companies and startups alike, but we intend to dramatically increase our customer numbers in response to our product’s growing popularity.

Is there a process for final appraisal of completed tasks and achieved goals? What is Intel’s approach to the work process?
Depending on their needs, each team sets its own goals and formulates its own set of objectives. This is followed by quarterly goal assessments and adjustments. In addition, Intel has implemented a 360-degree performance appraisal system covering both team members and their managers. This implies that employees give their feedback to management on their management style and employees’ opinions must be taken into consideration.

What can Intel offer in terms of career advancement?
Intel offers two career development tracks to choose from, technical and managerial. Up to a certain point, they go in parallel to each other; every engineer can choose either of the two based on his or her interests and preferences. Both tracks provide tremendous professional development opportunities. For my part, I chose the managerial development track, and I have been successfully growing.


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