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Meet Rajashekar Kasturi, Mentor at the Intel® Liftoff for AI Startups Program

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In the ever-evolving world of AI, having a mentor can make all the difference. Here we delve into the world of mentorship in AI, where seasoned professionals, like Rajashekar Kasturi guide and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Rajashekar has been a part of the Intel® Liftoff program since its inception. His expertise is in accelerating AI and HPC workloads using Intel® oneAPI toolkit, with a strong focus on C++ and PyTorch. 

Reflecting on his own Intel experience, Rajadshekar believes that colleagues whose passion towards technology, and the problems it can solve in society, has inspired him. It has also motivated him to stand on a ‘build things fast and move on’ philosophy’.

Mentorship often extends beyond one-on-one interactions, providing access to broader networks and communities. This was the case for Rajashekar when working with one of the partners in the Liftoff community. The partner was afforded the opportunity to showcase their solution at one of the most prestigious technology events, Intel® Innovation. This opportunity further fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing. 


Rajashekar’s Top Tip For AI Startups - Solve Problems In Your Own Community


As Intel® Liftoff program mentor, Rajashekar believes that one of the most important things to consider when you’re getting started, is to focus on smaller local issues, rather than trying to solve giant, global problems right away. Start by identifying a specific problem or pain point that your AI solution can address. Understanding the problem thoroughly will help you tailor your solution to meet the needs of your own community.

Mentors often have extensive networks of contacts within the industry, and being able to leverage these networks can open doors for partnerships, collaborations and possible funding opportunities to ultimately accelerate your startup’s growth trajectory. 


Discover more about Intel® Liftoff for AI Startups here. 

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I'm a proud team member of the Intel® Liftoff for Startups, an innovative, free virtual program dedicated to accelerating the growth of early-stage AI startups.