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My 100k Run Reveals a World of Wearables

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I just completed a 100km ultra-trail marathon in Hong Kong (HK100), where the world's best ultra-runners compete on a mountainous course. I decided to up the game by running in a “wafer-inspired” bunny suit. My goal here was not to win, but to have fun promoting Intel and to qualify for the Western State 100-mile Endurance Run in 2016 (WS100).

What caught my attention was that many runners had wearable gadgets like a watch to monitor pace, distance, heart rate, and even elevation. They also used smartphones to take photos and upload them instantly. It makes me very proud to think of how many Intel server chips are working in the background to make all of this happen! What I look forward to is the next wave of personal computing that we’re living through right now: tinier, energy-efficient smart chips in billboards to factory tools to medical devices that save lives.

On a personal note, I met my objective to qualify in the 2016 WS100. As a bonus, my training involves picking up trash along the trails that I run in Dalian Big Black Mountain, contributing to the volunteer-hours goal for IT Manufacturing Fab F68--my team at Intel.
About the Author
July currently works as a Manufacturing IT Automation Engineer at an Intel wafer silicon fabrication plant (F68) located in Dalian, China. His main function is to integrate several hundreds applications and provide solutions for automated manufacturing execution. In his 18 years at Intel, he has held various positions in several Intel sites including the Logistics Group where he earned reputation as expert builder of Logistics Integrated Warehouse in Asia. His field of expertise is in Project Program Management. Just recently, he was selected to be Intel China 2014 “Employee of the Year “- This is Intel China’s highest individual award. On a personal note, July enjoys spending his time running. He has ran in several marathons and ultra marathons around the world. His passion in running enables him to be an Intel Ambassador and volunteer for a good cause. Connect with July @Twitter : https://twitter.com/8lings ; @Instagram : eigthlings ; @LinkedIn : cn.linkedin.com/in/JulyRunner