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My Life as a Chip Design Engineer at Intel

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Hi! My name is John (Jianxun) and I am a Circuit Design Engineer with Intel’s Server Processor Group. I am currently working on the design of a future generation microprocessor targeting the high-end server market. The last project I worked on was called Tukwila. It is the first processor in the industry that has over two billion transistors! Today, I’d like to share my story about how I came to Intel and what it’s like to be a chip design engineer, as well as a little about myself outside of work. Maybe my story could inspire you to join Intel and be a part of shaping the future!

How did I come to Intel?

After I graduated from college in China, I worked as an electrical engineer at a major Chinese consumer electronics company for a few years. While doing my work there, I realized semiconductor chips used in the electronic devices I was working on are the major force that drives technology forward. So I said to myself, “It would be nice if I could design microprocessors at Intel.” To do so, I made the decision to come to the US and study semiconductor chip design at graduate school. After graduating, I worked for a company that Intel eventually acquired from Hewlett Packard…and here I am!

So, you might be wondering what it’s like to be a chip design engineer at Intel. Well, a microprocessor is probably the most complicated component to have ever been designed and manufactured. It takes a team of several hundred engineers to work together for several years to finish one design. Therefore, it requires a lot of team communication and collaboration to make a make a project successful, making people skills very important. The R&D nature of design work also means designers have to constantly learn and innovate. That makes everyday different and fun.

I usually get to work at about 8:40 a.m. and leave work slightly before 6 p.m. If I need to come late or leave early, I'll work at home before or after to make up the time. There is no set time that we have to be at office unless there are meetings to attend. The key is to get the work done on your own time and flex your schedule accordingly.

On a personal front, I recently completed a part-time MBA program at Babson College and that should help to broaden my career horizon. Better yet, Intel helped with my tuition. Otherwise, I spend most of my time with my family. We have a five year old son and he is really cute! We go to Cape Cod to spend time on the beach almost every weekend in July and August. We all love swimming in the ocean. I get four weeks of vacation time a year and I spend over half of it in China to be with my extended family.

If this sounds interesting to you, please consider joining Intel or go to Life at Intel to hear more stories.

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