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My Life at Intel: Quality Assurance Sr. Manager Arati Sankhe Shares Her Story

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My Intel Journey

I joined Intel Security Group, formerly McAfee, in late 2004 as Quality Assurance (QA) Lead. I was given opportunities to aid in development efforts, lead QA teams for multiple products, work with product managers, and manage deployment. These opportunities allowed me to show my best work and gave me the visibility I needed to grow in my career. My efforts and potential were noticed as I took on any and all challenges that were thrown at me. Did I ever fail? Of course I did. If I look at my journey, it has been a series of ups and downs. But I feel proud about how I've taken the downs in stride and learned from them—and made the most of the ups to help me succeed in whatever I put my hands in. Currently I lead an engineering team of over 70 people, and I know I still have plenty to achieve and a long way to go. I'm trying to pay it forward as much as I can, by working with the diverse talent in my business unit and getting them the exposure and opportunities they rightly deserve. I would like to show the same faith and trust in them and provide them with the many opportunities that I was provided by my leadership team.

Throughout my career, I've had many different managers with diverse management styles. From some I learned how and what to be; from others I learned what not to be. But each provided an enriching experience that helped me grow, personally and professionally.

My professional journey would not have been what it is if not for the self-confidence that my parents instilled in me, the support of my in-laws who were always there when needed, my husband who not only celebrated in my success but cheered me during my failures, and the love of my kids who did not judge me for the times I was not around when they needed me. I am truly blessed!

My Workplace

In five words: “My workplace is my second home.”

I feel as comfortable and included in my workplace and with my teams as I am with my family. I guide every member of my team as I would my siblings or kids. I treat them with the same respect, integrity, and dignity that I would expect from them. I feel very loyal and passionate towards my work and workplace.

My Most Memorable Occasions

Among my most memorable occasions: when I got to lead and groom my own team for the first time in 2006; whenever some of my former team members reach out to tell me they miss working with me; and when my daughter chose me when she was assigned to write about the person whom she would most like to be.

My Motto in Life

My motto has been: “Believe in yourself, be positive, put in your 100%, and results will follow.” I have truly experienced in my professional and personal life that luck is nothing but an intersection of preparation and opportunity. You cannot succeed without either. And amazing things happen when you are prepared; more opportunities than you expect will come knocking on your door. Preparation is not only working hard, but working smart—being clear about what your priorities and goals are. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses. And most importantly, being sincere and honest towards yourself, your work, and the people around you.

Why Intel

Intel has been developing leading-edge technologies for decades now and continues to promote innovation. The company has also demonstrated its leadership with its diversity initiative. It has an environment and culture that allows employees to thrive, grow, and achieve their highest potential. It’s evident from the many success stories within the company. Intel is an ocean of opportunities and, more importantly, very sincere about the development and growth of all of its employees. Their sincerity in the initiatives they sign up for, such as diversity and inclusion, distinguishes them from others. Intel has the vision and will to drive economic empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and positive social and environmental impact—which makes it a great organization to be associated with and work for.

-by Arati Sankhe

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