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National ERG Day: Ivan's Path to Education and Acceptance with IGLOBE

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Since 2013, when IGLOBE opened its chapter at Intel Costa Rica, it has become a family of 250+ members. Today, we want to share two stories that are actual examples of how Intel, through these communities, helps people inside and outside Intel.  


Ivan’s story 

Ivan Ruiz is the proud father of a trans boy. From the very first moment his son explained to him what being a trans boy was, he decided to support his son throughout the transition and stayed right by his side.  Ivan is set on becoming his son’s stone, making sure to learn whatever he needs to become a better father.  

However, despite having all the disposition, support, and understanding for his son’s journey, it was not easy as it was a continuous learning process that also had painful moments. As a father and man, he had to unlearn and question what society had imposed and taught him.  

At the beginning of this journey, he felt ignorant about all LGTBQ+ topics, and IGLOBE Costa Rica connected him with people in the community who educated him and allied him with other parents who were going thru the same process as him.  

For Ivan, participating in IGLOBE contributes to making the world more inclusive and kinder so that his son and everyone else can be their true selves.  


IGLOBE CR’s Volunteering  

In a joint effort with Volunteering this past September, IGLOBE Costa Rica partnered with “ID Foundation,” an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that provides educational opportunities for people from the LGBTQ+ community who live at social risk. One of the associations with which they have a connection is; “Asociación Nueva Diversidad de Género en Puntarenas.” 

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The volunteering event involved giving financial education workshops to teach basic finance concepts and how to manage money in an agile and responsible way to 15 trans girls of this association. In addition, they were given meditation and art therapy workshops as a tool for relaxation, stress reduction, mental health care, and expression through art. 

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This activity allowed them to work on their acceptance and to be free for a whole day by experiencing self-awareness exercises and reflecting on their reality, giving them a space to relax and socialize and helpful tips like personal finances tips. 

Per the IGLOBE Community in Costa Rica, this was a great success as it allowed them to influence organizations outside the GAM, often left aside because of remoteness.  Overall, IGLOBE is committed to bridging gaps and creating communities of understanding, one step at a time, and making Ivan's journey with his son, the norm.

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Thank you for this great opportunity to share my story, I am very proud of my son and nothing is going to change this.

This ERG has helped me to understand more about this community.