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New Mexico —The Land of Enchantment AND job opportunities!

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Greetings from the Land of Enchantment- New Mexico!

Exciting stuff is happening at Intel New Mexico and we want to spread the word. We are in the process of loading the latest technology in our fabrication facility (Fab) here, and we’re scouting for experienced, seasoned technicians and engineers to join our Fab in the future.

While we are quickly filling similar positions in Arizona, there have been some challenges in identifying semiconductor industry professionals for our New Mexico location. Why is that?!

Right now, we need YOUR help! No, seriously. We really want to spread the word about our opportunities and we feel like networking/blogging may just be the thing to get the job done! Besides that, we want to hear from you! Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can ramp-up for our future here in New Mexico? Better yet, would YOU be interested in applying for or referring a friend to one of our positions?

Well, you can leave a comment here on the blog, send your questions to our resident guru Dan (danx.gilland@intel.com), OR click the links below for a direct line into the jobs we have to offer!

Thin Films (CVD/CDO/HDP) Manufacturing Technician

Dry Etch Manufacturing Technician

Lithography Manufacturing Technician

Thin Films - Metals Manufacturing Technician

Wet Etch Manufacturing Technician

Diffusion Manufacturing Technician

Dielectrics Process Engineer

Lithography Process Engineer

We look forward to hearing from you AND getting resumes in the near future!

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