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Josef Hagn works as an RF Engineer for the Intel Communication and Devices Group (iCDG) in Munich, Germany. joseph.jpg
Josef’s experience with Intel started as a student writing his Master’s thesis. Nearing the end of his contract, he was invited to a face-to-face meeting without knowing the context. His first permanent job came about after a discussion with his current manager.

"He was assembling a team of RF engineers to build prototypes at mm-wave frequencies in order to influence the standardization of 5G, and he was looking for an antenna engineer. Thirty minutes later I had my first job."

In his role at Intel Germany, Josef values the professionalism that everyone brings to the table, as well as the flexibility and autonomy of his work. The no-blame culture and collaborative environment also set up Josef’s team for success.

"One is encouraged to look around for different tasks and collaborate with other teams within Intel. If there is an issue, there is no discussion about who did what, but instead everybody focuses on how to address the issue."

Josef identifies that working in the connectivity group in Munich combines the pragmatism, flexibility, and forward-thinking mentality of a start-up with Intel’s 50-year history, knowledge, and professionalism.

"Our team is perceived as a kind of ‘start-up’ within a bigger company… addressing problems very pragmatically."

Added to the personal satisfaction that Josef derives from his role working on interesting RF issues, are the improvements and positive impact on the world that result from these technological advances.

"My group provides solutions for the next generation of 5G mobile networks, which will transform the way we interact with each other and the world around us."

Working in the mobile communication market can be highly intensive, and Josef very much appreciates and is motivated by the vision and dedication exhibited by his colleagues, both in Munich and globally.

"I am proud to work with colleagues that are experts in their fields all over the world."

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