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Pay, Stock and Benefits: Real-Time Report about a Surprise Intel Benefit

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Okay, this is potentially weird but I have to share it with you.

We have a pretty large café at our Folsom site. Lots of tables and chairs and whatnot. At the very back are these two, super-deluxe massaging chairs. You know, the kind where you hop in there, and punch a few buttons on the controller and the chair whirs and shakes and stuff --- an automated massage chair.

I’ve always looked at those chairs with a certain amount of disdain. Like, really? An automated massage chair? How bored or how sore can someone be to look at that chair as a solution?

Today I found those answers. 1) yes; 2) Not all that bored – in fact, crazy busy, thank you very much; and 3) Pretty sore and with a headache to boot. I am literally writing to you right now from the massage chair. I have to pause typing when it goes to the pounding motion therrrrrrre itttt ggggggoes agggggainnn but otherwise it’s quite conducive to working on the laptop.

I selected the Swedish massage program. Whoa. .Did I mention this is possibly the best day of my life? Okay, that’s probably overstating it, but it is absolutely the best part of this day so far. And I’ve looked at my schedule and it’s likely to be the best part of the entire day.

These massage chairs in the café have turned out to be one of the surprise Intel benefits of the year for me. This thing is awesome and I just have to remember to bring more quarters next time to run it. It takes quarters? It’s not free??

Pffft – please, I’m kidding. Hey, I’m sorry. The chair – which I have just now decided to name “Elin” in homage to its Swedish massage program - has me all giddy. Perhaps the open chair next to me can be “Sven” for those so reclined. Okay, I definitely need to get up now, I’m losing it.

The point is, there are a lot of little surprise benefits at Intel and today I met one of them. I like working at a place where there are various folks coming up with ideas to make us the most innovative, non-bored, relaxed employees we can be. And ja, I’ll see you again soon, Elin.