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Playing (and Paper Airplanes) Pays Off

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Note from the editor: One of our core values is being a Great Place to Work (or GPTW, since we love our acronyms.) GPTW encompasses a lot of different things including our actual physical environment at work, being an open and direct workplace, and having fun, amongst other things. In support of this core value, we have GPTW teams across the world at Intel sites and this team’s job is to make sure that employees have fun! As part of the program, this team will host events, give away tickets to local happenings, give out free food, organize volunteer opportunities and so on and so forth. Recently, the GPTW team in Oregon gave away tickets to watch the Portland Winterhawks play. One of the lucky employees who attended, Ankesh, a Software Engineer for D1C Automation, shared his experience through our internal social platform—and I thought you might enjoy his story as well.

Usually you can win tickets to some of the events held by GPTW and that is a prize in itself since it’s not easy to win tickets these days . However, every once in a while, something phenomenal happens that no one expects. Last Saturday was that day for me. I won tickets to the Portland Winterhawks game and ended up getting seats about 5 rows back from the glass. It was also Paper Airplane Toss night. If you aren’t familiar with this, you are handed roughly an 11x17 sheet of paper for a contest where you make a paper airline and land it on a logo banner on the ice. All those years in elementary school of paper airline making was finally going to come to fruition.

I chose to go with this design because it was more weighted towards the front which would allow it to have a slow descent. I chose to go with this design because it was more weighted towards the front which would allow it to have a slow descent.


I also told the airplane that it was going to win before I threw it. I think that may have had more to do with it than the design.  Anyway, I threw it and to my shock it actually worked like intended and landed on the logo banner, resulting in this:

Weekend getaway_ Yes, please! Weekend getaway? Yes, please!


Which lead up to this (email to my boss):

So hey boss, I’m gonna need to take some time off in the summer now that I wasn’t expecting

To everyone else, don’t slack and not sign up for GPTW events, because you may miss an opportunity like this. (For the record, this was the icing on the cake--having fun events that I can go to and take my friends and family to, paid for by my employer, that's a prize in itself!)