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REP: Changes, Change, and more Changes--How exciting!

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In my last blog post I had mentioned that I was about to graduate from the REP and was looking for a final placement. I invested a lot of time making sure that I would find a role that would fit my career development plan best and I felt passionate about.

Intel has mentoring programs where you can talk to senior employees so you could learn from their experiences and get feedback on topics you might be curious or concerned about. That gave me a chance to discuss my plans with a lot of people and helped me get to my final decision.

My final call was to DHG (Digital Home Group), specifically in the user experience group (UEG). The work was exciting and fun, at least for me. During my third rotation, I constantly felt that it was the place where I wanted to stay. It was a hard-to-get job but with the support of my managers, we were able to make it happen.

Around the same time, a giant announcement was made; there was going to be a new lab within Intel labs. This new lab would be lead by Genevieve Bell, who is also the head of DHG UEG, the group that I had chosen to work with. DHG UEG proved the value of fully understanding the needs of consumers and applying the knowledge into product development. Intel firmly believes that our future depends on expanding these practices into all divisions.

It gets even better with Genevieve bringing her entire team on board. My excitement was inexplicable when I heard the news. In DHG we were only targeting consumer electronics. Now, we’ll be working with every single division of the company. The new lab call IXR (Interactions and Experience Research Lab) will drive entire company product development facilitating the creation of new market opportunities for the company.

The opportunities of learning and growing are infinite and the challenges are even greater. The idea of being part of this revolutionary change fills me with excitement. I can’t wait to see what my new projects will be about!