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Hello, blogreaders!

Those that have been following my adventures through the Rotation Engineer Program, or REP, have been keeping up with me as I transition between my three work assignments and acclimate to Oregon. However, all good things must come to an end, so too does my time in the REP. That means that I need to find a position within Intel for me to continue this journey of development and challenge. Among the REs, we call that a Final Placement.

First, the good news: like all REs, I’m guaranteed a job. It’s not like I might be turned out on the street holding a box of my personal effects from my cube. Instead, the REP has secured for me a Business Group Sponsor, so there’s a whole branch of Intel where I can basically create a job opening, just for me. So that’s nice. But the tough news (it’s not really bad) is that I will hold the position that I Final Place in for one to four years. So I need to make sure that it’s exactly what I want.

So Final Placement really isn’t that Final. It’s more “Final” in the sense that “Final Fantasy” is final. It’s just critical that each installment in this series is solid, stands on its own, and is lengthy and enjoyable. (Dang this is turning out to be a pretty okay metaphor!) Anyway, I just don’t want to be stuck with my very own Final Fantasy XIV, if you catch my drift*.

Anyway, how do I go about identifying that perfect job? Well, in my rotations, I’ve learned what I like to do, both here at Intel and as an engineer. In Rotation 1, I learned that I really love having total ownership of some product or function. This is way better than a job consisting exclusively of ongoing support tasks, for me at least. And in Rotation 2, I learned that when I own a project, I can take big risks like redesigning an experimental methodology or implementing things my own way. Rotation 3 taught me a lot about my preferred working style. And all of my rotations have underscored the necessity of solid teamwork under an excellent manager. I’ve had really great managers here at Intel, and I want to keep that success train a-rollin’.

So that’s what I’m up to now, fellow Internet denizens! I’ve polished my resume and I’ve been emailing and having coffee with managers, trying to find the perfect home for the skills that I’ve nurtured with the REP. The search continues!

*The opinions expressed herein are solely those of Ian Oliver, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Intel Corporation. The Intel Corporation would also like to point out that Ian Oliver has terrible taste in video games; I mean he didn’t even like the Halo series what is up with that?