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REP: Truthbrush - A Year in Review

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Every man (or woman!) must reach a point in his (or her!) life when he (okay you get the idea) looks back on the last year and asks himself the questions, “What am I doing with my life? Is this working for me? Is this actually a good situation, or am I just giving myself a positive spin on a bad situation?” For me, these questions come up when looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth before bed. And I always benefit from the silent, internal Q&A.

Some times in the past, the answers have been negative. During my undergrad, when interning for a certain east-coast engineering outfit, I was bored with my work and disengaged socially in a city where I was a stranger to all. And I wasn’t all that happy— I just didn’t know it until I looked in the mirror and took stock. Once I recognized this simple truth, I put down my toothbrush and vowed to change my situation proactively in the morning, with warm sunlight at my back and minty fresh teeth cooling my resolve.

Fast forward three years, to the present day. I’ve finished my undergrad and I never went back to that certain east-coast engineering outfit. I’ve been with Intel and the Rotation Engineer Program (REP) for a year now. And the other night, I looked in the mirror with my toothbrush, and confirmed what I already knew: I’ve had an absolute thrill ride of a year. The work that I’ve done with the REP has been endlessly interesting and I know that I’ll be able to call upon the experience as I progress within the company as a well-rounded engineer. The REP has given me instant access to a social circle that has propelled me to take up more sports, attend more happy hours, host more dinner parties, and camp at more sites than ever before in my life.

Since starting with Intel and the REP, I have worked harder, run farther, climbed higher, cycled longer, trekked broader, cooked tastier, laughed harder, go-karted faster, eaten better, snowboarded tighter, and loved life more than at any other period in my life.

So I’m getting a bit nostalgic this month. The next class of REs is starting up, and I feel like I have to get up from my rocking chair to welcome these new whippersnappers (most of whom are older than me thanks to their advanced degrees) into the program and company that has been instrumental in making my toothbrush-and-mirror conversation much more pleasant.

Speaking of the whippersnappers, I’ve got another REP joining me in the Intel blogging crew! Kirsten is her name, and she’s on top of her game. Starting soon, you’ll be entertained and informed with posts from each of us. She’ll give you another perspective on the fresh-faced REP experience while I provide the view of a grizzled REP veteran.

But look at me, I’m ramblin’! I should get back to work, I’ve still got a half-year in the program and a lot to get done in that time! If you’re interested in the REP, you should drop us a line atREP@Intel.com!