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Scholars: Meet a GEM Scholar and apply to be one yourself!

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Hi all! It's hard to believe that it's already mid-way through November, yet here we are! It makes Shirley’s blog post on the GEM scholars program and getting grad school paid for seem so long ago! Well, the application deadline is quickly approaching! Intel Corporation is one of the top sponsors of GEM scholars and we are selecting student to sponsors in 2011! Being a GEM scholar is an amazing experience—but don’t take our word for it, meet one of our GEM scholars for yourself!

TaipeiMeet Gabriel! He is an Intel Scholar and recipient of an Intel GEM Fellowship. As part of the GEM program, he has completed three paid internships with Intel in Arizona, Oregon, and Hong Kong! Gabriel is currently finishing dual Master's degrees in electrical engineering and international business at the University of Florida, and will be applying to PhD programs in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. We wanted to share what it's like to be a GEM scholar with you, so we recently sat down with Gabriel to hear about his internship experiences with Intel, both in the US and Hong Kong! Here’s a glimpse of what our conversation went like...

What did you like best during each of your internships with Intel in the US and HK?

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the interaction with a broad range of people from different backgrounds: Team members, other employees, interns, and the local community. During my first internship in Arizona, I worked with a software QA team and application owners every day. My second job in Oregon was quite different and I worked independently most of the time, researching future technology trends in memory and logic devices. I would interact remotely with my intern buddy and supervisor in Santa Clara, and meet with my manager in Oregon every few days. My last job took me all the way to Hong Kong, while I was completing an MBA exchange program at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST . I learned about Intel operations outside the U.S. and interacted with Asia Pacific (APAC), Intel Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (IJKK) & People’s Republic of China (PRC) employees.

What did you do during your internship with Intel HK?

I was a member of the Greater Asia Region (GAR) Solutions IT team supporting Sales & Marketing. I worked with a team member in Singapore to consolidate an inventory of regional stakeholders' applications and reports aligned with IT strategies. Next, our team worked on Windows7 application readiness and testing for critical regional database systems. I made the most impact on my final project with another team member, analyzing PRC supply chain health indicators. I received an Intel Recognition from the China Business Operations Manager for my risk taking and efforts. I would like to extend special thanks to those who supported me before and during this opportunity at Intel HK. In particular, thank you to my managers Bernard and Liam for believing in me and bringing me on board.

What did you like most about working at Intel?

I think Intel does a great job of welcoming new interns and Intel Scholars! As an Intel Scholar and recipient of the Intel GEM Fellowship, I was invited to the annual Intel Summit to interact with other interns, Intel executives, product group leaders, Intel Fellows and even met former CEO, Dr. Craig Barrett . I attended a fascinating talk by Intel Senior Fellow, Dr. Gene Meieran, during my first internship, and I had many opportunities to learn about Intel's business and operations outside the realm of my internship assignments. I enjoyed the diversity of people and ideas, as well as the freedom to move around between different positions. I went from working as a software engineer to a business analyst to an IT engineer within sales and marketing.

Are you considering going into the Rotation Engineers Program (REP) with Intel? And, if so, where do you see the best fit for you at Intel?

Yes, I've been interested in joining REP since my first internship! I am currently finishing double Master's degrees in electrical engineering and international business at the University of Florida, and I am applying to PhD programs in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. I will keep REP in mind over the next few years while I complete my education. I find the areas of pervasive and mobile computing fascinating, and I know Intel is working hard to lead the way into the future of computing. I would be particularly interested in working at the recently announced "IXR - Interaction and Experience Research" division led by Dr. Genevieve Bell , as well as product groups working on applications to understand how people interact with their devices and loads of information.

Thanks Gabriel for sitting down and talking to us! There you have it, straight from a GEM Scholar! Sound interesting? Go to the GEM website to see if you qualify, and apply soon—the deadline is November 15th!