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So What Does a Graphics Engineer Actually Do?

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Get helpful insights into this creative technical field.


With innovations in data center, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other immersive media technologies fueling new products, solutions, and experiences, the world of graphics is rife with possibilities for technical graduates.

Diploma in hand, your options in graphics are endless—and can feel overwhelming. And while school can give you the necessary skills, it can’t teach you what it’s really like to be a graphics engineer.

As a graphics engineer, you develop solutions to process video data efficiently. These solutions sometimes live on the edge to enable real-time responses, but other use cases include industrial automation, traffic management, and the creation of truly immersive experiences. Graphic technologies can sit on the data center, client, or even IoT platforms.

We’ve profiled two engineers to provide a glimpse into what you can expect working in a career in graphics. Watch the videos below and learn about their very different journeys in graphics and the technologies they’ve helped bring to life.
Turning vision into reality

Scott Janus is a principal engineer who says the best part of being in graphics is the unlimited opportunities for ingenuity. He should know. His work helped make it possible for people to watch DVD videos on a PC.

Hit play to learn more about this graphics guru and why he says now is the most interesting time ever to work in the field.

Work a mom can be proud of

Have you ever struggled to explain the latest technology to your mom? What about trying to explain technology you had a hand in creating? That was Mike Apodaca’s challenge. His mom never quite understood what he did for a living—until he took her to an Apple store.

Watch his video to understand more about being a 3D graphics software architect.

Endless possibilities

So what do graphics engineers actually do? They thrive on innovation and constant evolution. They dream, problem solve, discover, and architect the future of graphics.

Interested in learning more about graphics at Intel?  Visit our Graphics Careers page.
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