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Software at Intel? You Heard Me Right!

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Since I love music nearly as much as recruiting, I thought I'd start off with a music-related analogy. There are a few accomplished musicians that are known predominantly for their success in one particular musical genre, yet, they've had crossover success into other segments they may not be as well known for. For example, there is Frank Zappa, an American rock music icon who’s perhaps most well-known for being the leader of the satirical Mothers of Invention band. However, he was also very accomplished in jazz, electronic and his progressive orchestral works. Another pertinent example is David Byrne, he will forever be known as the leader of the new wave group Talking Heads but he’s also gone on to find success in both solo and collaborative projects as well as working and producing in a variety of media, including film, photography, and opera. Why am I referencing these musical-artist-related examples when I'm here to blog about Intel? Primarily because I want to discuss (dramatic pause) Software at Intel!

Are you saying to yourself: "What does software have to do with Intel? I know Intel, they're hardware and PCs." Like the previously mentioned musicians who have had critical success in genres OTHER than what they're predominantly known for, Intel’s software has had, and still does have, a very significant and successful role at Intel. It continues to thrive and progress into innovative ever-evolving market segments. However, we need to improve how we convey the message. I was thinking, maybe having a dedicated YouTube channel would help…. oh wait, we do! Check out Channel Intel! How about having a Software Blog where you can connect with other developers and Intel engineers….hey, we have that too?! Read our software blogs over on the Intel Software Network! I mention these media channels because they were actually suggested by external software engineers as a possible way to spread the word about what’s going on with software at Intel. What’s interesting is these channels were already in place but many software engineers weren’t even aware.

If you weren’t aware of the channels we’re using to spread the word about Intel, you might not know about the cool things we’re doing in software either. Here are a few examples of Intel software inside.

Did you know:

- Intel’s InTru3D technology was used in the Dreamworks/Paramount 3D film Monsters vs Aliens*?

- Intel has created Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare, software that provides an efficient way to exchange healthcare info inside hospitals and with other health information networks?

- Intel is involved in cool software innovations in areas like graphics computing, Open Source (Moblin/MeeGo), Security, Windows and other technologies?

The future of Software at Intel gets even MORE exciting! The recently launched Intel Atom Developer Program and Intel Appup Center is rockin the Intel house and we want you to be a part of it! Peter Biddle, the Director of the Intel Atom Software Program, recently sat down with our US College Recruiting Team for a webcast on AppUp!

If you already knew about everything I’ve mentioned regarding Intel’s software, I’m truly impressed. If not, then I hope you’ve been enlightened by some interesting facts that will entice you to think about Intel as a SOFTWARE EMPLOYER OF CHOICE!! If you’re interested in a software career at Intel, our Software Careers site has some of our postings listed (for a complete list, visit our Jobs at Intel site and conduct a keyword search on “software”.) If you have questions about Intel’s software or some creative suggestions on how to get the word out, hit me up. I’d love to hear from you.

One last pitch, we’ll be at Siggraph again this year, you know the conference where you can see, meet and interact with the “people behind the pixels” from July 27-29 at Booth 20 and 21. If I see you there we can pick up the discussion where we left off