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The AI SpeedRacers Quest at Start Hack 2024 with Intel® Liftoff

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This year, Start Hack 2024 teams up with Intel Liftoff to launch the "AI SpeedRacers" Side Quest from 20 - 22 March. 

START Summit + Hack is recognized as one of Europe's largest hackathons, attracting over 6000 attendees including developers, startups, and ecosystem partners. Organized by the student association of the University of St. Gallen, this event is an "innovation sprint" where teams collaborate to transform innovative ideas into tangible projects within a strict time frame.

At this event, Intel Liftoff for Startups, alongside approximately 9 other industrial partners, will host an AI quest as an event partner. Teams of 2-4 will collaborate for 36 hours to challenge the status quo, meet prize challenges, and make a meaningful impact. This initiative aims to deepen participants' engagement with artificial intelligence  and machine learning through practical experience and competition. 


AI SpeedRacers Quest: Optimize, Achieve, Showcase


This hack challenge is your fast track to mastering ML model optimization on the Intel® Developer Cloud. Apply Intel’s advanced techniques for peak efficiency and performance in ML tasks, focusing on:

  • LLM Fine-Tuning Pipeline Optimization
  • Classical Machine Learning Enhancement


Here’s what participants can look forward to:


Expert Learning

Participants get to work with the Intel® Developer Cloud, expanding their AI and machine learning skills through hands-on use of advanced technologies. Additionally, developers can leverage the Intel Liftoff member Prediction Guard to learn LLM fine-tuning.


Direct Mentorship

Access to Intel® AI engineering team provides direct learning opportunities from leading professionals in the field. Led by Intel's AI Software Engineer and AI mentor Vladimir Kilyazov, who has experience in both startup programs, Intel Liftoff and Intel Ignite, this virtual challenge will also benefit from the support of four technical mentors from the Intel Liftoff team to assist developers throughout the hack challenge.



The event is a platform to connect with tech experts, including Intel® Liftoff's team and other participants, facilitating valuable professional connections.




  • Gold Ticket Intel® Liftoff: Winners receive tech mentoring and Intel® Developer Cloud credits to further their projects.
  • Runner-Up: An interview and feature publication with Intel® Corporation, providing visibility.
  • Third Place: Intel® Corporation branded merchandise.

Read more about the AI challenge here: START-Hack/Intel_Liftoff_STARTHACK24 (github.com)


The Impact


Participation in the Intel® Liftoff program extends beyond technical skill enhancement. It's an opportunity to showcase innovation, gain visibility in the AI community, and explore potential collaborations. Learn more about the accelerator here.