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The Different Paths to Launching a Career with Intel

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Anna Alberska’s career in technology came a little out of the blue. As an Intel intern based in Poland, Anna was awarded a scholarship sponsored by Intel, but wasn’t sure what her next steps should be or what to expect.

That’s when Anna was introduced to a mentor who would change the trajectory of her career.

“Each participant had her own mentor and project,” Anna shared. “I did an artificial intelligence project with my mentor that digitally recognized actors on movie posters using models we created.”

Not only did Anna find that work interesting and engaging, but she also built a relationship with her mentor that lasted. As the AI project came to an end, Anna’s mentor suggested they work together during her internship. Together, they continued running models for various hardware projects, which led to Anna receiving a full-time software engineer position upon the completion of her internship.

Now at Intel for three years, Anna finds value in the diversity of the projects she works on with technology experts and peers.

“What makes me stay at Intel is the variety and the expertise I have access to,” she said. “There are senior engineers who I can always ask questions, and they are eager to explain and teach me things I wouldn’t be able to learn outside of Intel.”

A rotation program that opens doors
As a first-generation college student, Klarizsa Khandaker wasn’t sure how to start her career in tech. Seeking guidance, she joined the Intel Sales and Marketing Rotation Program and was provided insight into three different roles across partner management, applications engineering, and operations.

This exposure helped Klarizsa discover exactly what it was she wanted to do.

“I had three different assignments before I officially committed to a long-term role and got to explore a lot about myself,” Klarizsa said. “I found what motivates me and how close I want to work with technology. I ultimately learned I preferred more of a customer-facing role.”

Along with her position at Intel, Klarizsa credits the STEM programs she was exposed to as a child for her interest in technology and engineering. As an adult working in tech, giving back to those programs has become an important part of her life—and Intel has provided her with the time and means to do just that.

“Intel does an amazing job of investing in their employees, and it feels meaningful to pay it forward,” she shared. “Making those connections are some of the highlights of my time at Intel.”

An internship with personal and professional impact
David Rollins, a product development engineer, didn’t have to wait to graduate before earning valuable real-world experience. As a student at the University of Texas, David joined Intel as an intern and never looked back. He continued his internship virtually during his last semester of school and was asked to be the lead on his project once he joined the company full-time.

“My degree is in software engineering, data science, and computer architecture,” said David. “Intel has given me an outlet where I can use my set of skills uniquely. I get to write my own code and work on high volume manufacturing statistics, as well as consider actual computer architectural concepts.”

The opportunity to do work he loves with team members who value and appreciate him motivates him every day. “At Intel, I feel included. My boss calls our team the Array Family, and it really does feel like that.”

New opportunities, all within Intel
Anna, Klarizsa, and David took different approaches to their various careers, but all share the same similarity—the flexibility and opportunity afforded to them by Intel to explore different paths early in their career.  

“It’s the perfect place to learn multiple things,” said Anna. “You not only get to work on programming or design, but you also get to optimize technology for hardware. It’s really interesting to start your career at Intel because of all this exposure.”


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