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Note from the editor: When you think of benefits, what do you think of? I think of health care first but there’s much more beyond that. I’ve blogged in the past about how remote access and flexible schedules have helped me out as well as Intel benefits saving my roommate’s life, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Elizabeth, a communications specialist and part of Intel’s Employee Communications Organization, has a blog on our internal blogging platform where she exclusively blogs about benefits—after all, her job is to increase awareness of the various benefits Intel offers its employees. I learned about a bunch of new benefits by following her blog posts and thought I’d share the wealth! After all, her perspective is different than mine, seeing as she’s been with Intel for 16 years, lives in Arizona and has two sons. Nonetheless, we do have some things in common; we both love taking advantage of the benefits our employer provides us! Leave us a comment about what your favorite benefit is!

Every time I turn around I am discovering a new benefit available to me as an Intel employee. Below are just a few – all designed to make your work and your personal life run a little smoother.

Scenario: You want to go away for the weekend to Las Vegas

  • Fly Southwest and book via SWABIZ and get corporate rates and 200 bonus points
    per leg, by using the Intel corporate code.

  • Get a 25% discount off your Hertz rental when you arrive.

  • Use your Vault discount card (a discount program available to U.S. employees) to book a stay at a discounted rate, take in a show and tour the city by helicopter at a discount, too.

Scenario: You have 3 children. Two are high school students and one is struggling
with algebra and the other is struggling with a report. The third is about to graduate
from college and look for a job.

  • You go to Live Homework Help (a free 24x7 interactive virtual tutoring service for the children and grandchildren of Intel employees as part of the company’s commitment to student learning) and your math student visits the Student Center to work with a live tutor until he/she feels completely confident.
    Your writer visits the Writing Center to get real time help on writing and
    proofing his/her essay. Did I mention it’s free?

  • Your college graduate visits the Career Center and gets help on resume writing
    and interviewing tips. Did I also mention tutors are available 24x7?

  • When your high schoolers are ready to take the SAT, they can visit the
    Resource Center and take practice tests.

Scenario: You have an 18 year old who was just accepted into college.

  • You are so happy; you buy him/her an Ultrabook from Intel In It! (portal featuring products powered by Intel technology at discounted prices.)

  • Then you apply for the Intel Scholarship for Employees’ Children (competitive scholarship program awarding scholarships up to $4,000USD for secondary education, totaling $1.4 million every school year in the following countries or sites; U.S., Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam.)

  • You print out invitations to the graduation party at FedEx Office, using your 15% personal discount.

  • You sign up for a Fidelity 1:1 counseling session to make sure you have enough money to pay for college.

Scenario: You have let yourself go and you make a resolution to get fit and put yourself first.

  • You participate in the Health for Life Wellness Check (a 3-step program available to all U.S. employees. Some sites have onsite clinics, too!) to make sure you are ready for exercise. Your spouse can do this, too. Misery loves company ;-)! By participating in this program, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn rewards and a discount off of your health care costs for the following year.

  • You start going to the onsite fitness center (most of our U.S. sites have onsite fitness centers, some international ones, too.) 3 times a week and working with a trainer.

  • You attend a virtual worklife seminar (webinars that change every month to keep things fresh) about eating healthy.

  • If you have an onsite spa (Arizona, Oregon and Folsom so far), you book an appointment for a haircut and a massage. If you don’t, use your Vault card to find a local salon that participates in the discount program.

Scenario: You just relocated your family to a new state to work at Intel.

  • Congratulations! Smart move.

  • You take advantage of priority enrollment at one of the locally contracted daycare centers.

  • You buy furniture from the Intel Marketplace (our internal Craigslist).

  • You are so happy you and your spouse decide to adopt a baby. You already have 3 year old twins but the more the merrier! You use the adoption assistance program to help ease the financial cost.

  • You then take advantage of the new parent reintegration program (allows you to temporarily modify your schedule) to ease your return to work.

  • Don’t forget about the dog! You can save on pet insurance and food through discounts.intel.com (the Vault program!)

  • Despite your happiness, this is a very stressful time. You use the Employee Assistance Program to meet with a counselor for 5 free counseling sessions to deal with your stress. You also find articles and tools to help you effectively manage your work and your family.

These are just a few of the Intel benefits I've discovered. I expect to discover many, many more! Do you have a favorite?