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Tips: A Sourcing Specialist’s “secret” tips to finding your next job using Social Media

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We at Intel spend much effort thinking of creative ways to reach the best brains around. Meeting our candidates’ needs in the most convenient yet attractive manner, creating a personal approach and well...just being “out there” is truly of great importance to us. We are proud of our creative and innovative recruiting methods and of our employer brand (yes, we are ranked as one of the best companies to work at ) and would be glad to share some of these great methods with you! (Now keep in mind that these tips are my opinion, and I’ve actually seen them work in our Greater Europe Region. A colleague of mine in the US has touched on this topic before – check out her post too.) So if you’re a current job seeker, or even if you just want to surf around the attractive island of job opportunities, we recommend that you begin by surfing the web –more specifically, social media channels!

- Don’t just seek – become sought after: You may not know it, but employers spend time searching for their most suitable candidate online too. Try to search for yourself on search engines – are you there? If you are, is the information found professionally branded? If you’re not, what can you do to bring results? Make sure that you market yourself in a true and attractive manner.

- **Link to your job search through LinkedIn***: This is a great professional tool that allows you to do what everyone says is most important in job seeking: networking. Only here, you’ll be networking online using a business-like social media channel. On LinkedIn you’ll be able to:

o Create a personal account (much like a brief resume)

o Search for open positions on the site’s Jobs section

o Join professional groups and expand your knowledge while receiving job updates

o Join job related/college alumni groups and company career groups (such as our Careers at Intel EMEA Group) and see a wide range of job opportunities and mingle with professionals and more.

Two great tips that you should keep in mind:

Employers can search for people and you may come up in their searches. so try to incorporate keywords that employers may search for in your profile. On LinkedIn you can search for others according to company, area & more– so if you have come across a position of interest to you, search for people who may work there and may be able to offer advice…you’ll be surprised by who you’ll run into!

- Not just a pretty face – Facebook: It’s not just fun and games but also a great medium to find your next job! As a Facebook user you can: join company profiles/groups and be updated on their hottest trends and available positions (Take Intel Students’ Spot for example: our Facebook Fan Page created especially for interns and students around Europe and Israel and our Your Job Network page to find the Facebook page that’s best for you) There are also career groups, alumni groups and more that can help you. Also, take a glance at the banners and ads along your page – some of them are job ads! (Be cautious though—some of these ads may be scams. Always be cautious when sharing private information online. For example, Intel will only accept resumes through our online application submission form or to/from intel.com resumes.) On Facebook you can also search by company name and bump into old friends who could be working there and can give you a helping hand by providing insight on what it’s like to work there or share their own experience about how they got their foot in the door. Facebook’s Marketplace also has a jobs section in which you can filter your country’s posts – check it out…who knows – maybe your next job is posted there.

- Tweet Tweet - Twitter: More and more employers are opening specific job profiles on Twitter (such as our @JobsatIntel_EUR and @JobsatIntel_ISR accounts!) or posting their open positions on their company profiles. Tuning into these tweets will give you another easy way to reach your dream job. You can also: create a personal profile and add information that you’d want a new potential employer to know about it,tweetthe fact that you’re searching for a job or even professional knowledge facts – someone out there may be looking for someone just like you.

- Your new "You" may be on YouTube: Companies may be advertising positions through video clips on YouTube* (take a look at our recent Israel Recruiter Intern job video – search for company job video and get a true look into the company in which you’re interested. You may even think of creating a video-resume and attaching the URL to your CV

- Finding your future on forums&blogs: there are many professional forums/blogs out there. By simply searching for forums and blogs in your field of expertise (for example, if you are a Mechanical Engineer, search for forums on the subject), you can learn a lot about what is happening in your industry and can mingle with fellow experts who may be your link to your future job. In addition, many companies have both professional and job company forums/blogs (for example: Intel’s Software Network Communities & the blog you’re on now ) that provide great professional and work related insight!

Remember – relationships matter, so start creating relationships with your potential future employer. Good luck!