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Top 10 Intel employee photos of 2014

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I'm always in awe of great photographers.  You see, I'm the kind of guy who just sets his camera on AUTO and hopes for the best.  I keep meaning to sign up for that photography class but it never seems to bubble to the top of my To-Do list.

Fortunately for me, we have great employees here at Intel who happen to really have a passion for photography. I really enjoy their work and wanted to share.  Below are the Top 10 employee submitted photos for 2014.

Thanks to Rob Kelton and Barbara Nelson of Intel's Employee Communication team for compiling.2014FavEEPics_0000_6MinBao.pngMin  from Chengdu, China: “My little girl and our hamster.”2014FavEEPics_0001_11_StephaneLorinoX.pngStephane from Nice, France: “I photographed this chamois while snow hiking in Mercantour National Park.”2014FavEEPics_0002_18PhilippFrancois.png

Francois from Munich, Germany: “The lavender fields of Provence, next to the village of Roussillon.”2014FavEEPics_0003_45_AnuyaJoshi.pngAnuya from Allentown, USA: “From the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington.”2014FavEEPics_0004_51_BartkyAlan.png

Alan from Newport Beach, USA: “Brother and sister Boris (left with the distinguished look) and Natasha (right with the funny face), our 3-year-old Samoyeds.”2014FavEEPics_0005_64_PhiThanh.png

Phi from Oregon, USA: “We were playing around in the Northwest and stumbled upon the Milky Way.”


Raghuvara from Washington, USA: “This is Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park, California. There's so much wonder at every turn in Yosemite!”2014FavEEPics_0007_81_ZhicongDeng.png

Zhicong from Japan: “Taken at Antelope Canyon during my wandering around Grand Circle.”


Roschan from Penang, Malaysia: “I managed to capture this woman in Northern Thailand.”


Aamir from Arizona, USA: “Feeding seagulls at Seattle’s waterfront.”

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