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Top Intel Perks: Intel Expands Family Benefits in U.S.

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This post is authored by Ogden M. Reid, Vice President in Human Resources (HR) and Director of HR Strategy, Communications, and Rewards at Intel Corporation.

Family is family. No matter what it looks like.

Not every family is made the same way. Just look around—our Intel family is made up of factory workers and office dwellers, engineers and actuaries, legends and visionaries. We’ve taken steps over the last year to increase our diverse talent and broaden our family.

While Intel is lucky to add such great new talent, we know that our existing employees have different experiences when trying to expand theirs. To help with that process, we are committed to being a leader in offering a broad range of benefits for employees and their families.

Coming in 2016, we’re going to take another step: quadrupling and expanding our fertility coverage, and tripling and expanding our adoption assistance program.

To explain our expanded benefits, my colleague Karlin Keller, Sr. Technical Assistant to our SVP of HR, puts it best:  “As a 30-something, I’m just now beginning to think about what my family plan might look like. These benefits remove a lot of the stress that myself and many of my colleagues—both men and women—have around creating our families.  These are personal, complex choices, and for Intel to better enable us to make those choices at any time in our lives, well, that makes all the difference to me.”

A 20-30% chance isn’t good enough

We are expanding our fertility benefits from $10,000 to $40,000 with an additional $20,000 for prescription coverage. We are also removing a medical diagnosis requirement. We hope to reduce the burden that comes with those who need assistance. Knowing that the average in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle costs nearly $20,000, and the likelihood of success for each cycle is low (around 20-30%), the increased fertility benefits will help more families complete two full cycles of IVF or cryopreservation. Those are better odds.

Bring the maximum amount of love to your family

The average cost of adoption has nearly doubled since our adoption benefit began in 2009.Because of this, we’re increasing our adoption benefit from $5,000 to $15,000 and removing our lifetime maximum. Whether Intel employees are looking into adopting a first child, or are creating room in their home for those who need it most, removing a lifetime maximum on adoption benefits allows employees to bring the maximum amount of love into their family

Working together to create benefits that support OUR family

We continuously look for opportunities to support our employees at the different stages of their lives and provide innovative benefits that meet the needs of all of our employees throughout their careers.

Expanded fertility and adoption benefits are just two of the many programs Intel offers employees who are looking to grow their families. I encourage you to find out more about how Intel powers the best lives of our employees both at home and at work. When you’ve decided it’s the right time to join our family, we’d love to have you.

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