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Trick or Treat, Intel style!

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How many CIOs do you know that dressed up for Halloween? I know one for sure: ours, Diane Bryant!

It didn’t matter that Halloween fell on a workday this year—hundreds of employees all over the world took the chance to turn a potentially miserable Monday into something a bit more fun and creative. We received more than 100 images of employees in costume—everything from a mime to a family of Batman (or is it Batmen?) to a two-in-one-bride-and-groom get up.

Enjoy this look at some of the wacky, weird and wonderful outfits donned by Intel employees (and families) this Halloween. (Excuse the formatting… we tried but just couldn’t get it but didn’t want to not publish this on account of it…)

SnowWhite-thumb-600x280Our CIO, Diane Bryant, as Snow White, with several senior IT leaders (Pat, Charles, Mark, Ziya, John, Ty, Vipul,) as the Seven Dwarves and Young-Ae as the Witch.

Adam, a Process Engineer from Arizona as the Powdered Toast Man, from the Ren & Stimpy Show.

Ya-hong, a Technical Program manager, and Jan, Yield Group Leader,with their twin boys, Leo and Sean, in Oregon as Batman.

Bill, a Senior Project Manager, from New Mexico dressed up as Fidel.

Jesus, Raul and Marshall, interns and college graduates in Oregon, teamed up as the Blue Man Group.

Bryan, a technician from Oregon, dressed up as a “Bride and Groom”.

Carlos from Costa Rica was a “Bad-looking Tooth Fairy”.

Geyner, a Training Project Manager and Developer from Costa Rica, spent 3 months getting his costume ready for Halloween, including the way the character walks and every line of his in the movie in the same tone/pitch of voice. His Joker costume was completely custom made: the coat, vest and pants were stitched by a tailor. He stamped the shirt with the same exact pattern the character used in the movie, got a very similar tie, replicated the exact knife used in the movie with cardboard and a photo print.

Gwenn from Santa Clara was a mime for Halloween!

Hamed, a design manager from Arizona, as Darth Maul.

Sam, a Silicon Applications Engineer, from Oregon dressed as Johnny Cash.

Kathy in Santa Clara is normally a CAD Librarian/PCB Layout Engineer, but for Halloween she was Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

Liza, a Media Validation Architect in Santa Clara, dressed as Elphaba, the “Wicked Witch of the West” in Wicked, the Musical.

Margoth, a Human Resources Business Partner in Costa Rica, dressed as a witch.

Matthew, a Revenue Analyst in Folsom, dressed as Ezio Auditore de Firenze - The Assassin’s Creed.

Andre, Christie and Sabina dressed up in Miami.

Michelle, a Senior Administrative Assistant in Oregon, transformed into The Madd Hatter.

Usually Norm is a Technical Marketing Engineer in Oregon, but on Halloween, he was The Hulk.

Sarah Sarah, a Business Development Manager in Minnesota, and her daughter Julia dressed up as Mommy Barbie and Skipper in a box!

Shawn, an Industrial Engineer in Hudson, dressed up as Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas.

Everything’s more fun with friends: Sheldon and Irina, both Finance Analysts in Santa Clara, dressed as a Roman Centurion and a Pirate!

Shirley from Swindon dressed as a Witch.

Thao, a Senior Accountant in Vietnam, was a leopard for Halloween!

Yvonne, who works in Administrative Support in Santa Clara, was a Hippie Chick.
Andres, Carolina and Pablo from Costa Rica showed their scary side with their zombie costumes.

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