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US College: Back on Campus!

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Hello, again. Dave here with your latest blog post! We hope your summer was a productive and enjoyable break from student-life. Now it’s time for all of us to get back to campus!

Our Intel U.S. College Recruiting Team enjoyed our “off season” by taking some vacations, working on projects, and – as is a core Intel value – by striving to continuously improve our team and our processes. We’ll be implementing many of these improvements this year. Some are internal process changes that you won’t see directly, but others will be evident to keen observers (changes in the members of our campus team, marketing and branding changes, changes in the types of events we participate in on campus, the frequency of our campus visits, etc…). Have you seen our newly refreshed U.S. student center? (Pssst…click the banners for videos featuring the Intel employee in the photo!) All of these changes have been made to help us achieve our goal: identify, cultivate and deliver top U.S. college talent for tomorrow’s Intel

We typically bring a diverse recruiting team of 5-10 members to university events. A campus team is led by a College Relations Manager (CRM), who is ultimately responsible for Intel’s relationship with the university. (To see who the CRM is on your campus, check out our campus pages!) The recruiting teams are generally made up of employees who work in software engineering, hardware engineering, manufacturing, and various non-technical roles. We also always try to have school alumni with us so that career-seeking students can speak with someone whose path more closely resembles their own.

You’re likely to see our recruiting team at your school’s career fairs. We also host a variety of other events that can include information sessions, technical seminars, open houses, and sometimes invitation-only get-togethers.

Our goal when we visit schools this fall season is to attract great candidates for our 2011 internship and full-time positions. We take our campus recruiting responsibilities very seriously, because in a typical year we have over 1,000 internship positions and over 1,000 College Graduate (CG) positions to fill.

Are you wondering if Intel will be on your campus this fall? Check out our Recruiting Events Calendar!

When we come to your school, please drop by and introduce yourself and drop off a resume. Whether this is your first career fair or your last, here’s a post we wrote last year with some tips on meeting companies on campus! We look forward to seeing you on campus!

P.S. If you miss us on campus, be sure to submit your resume and candidate profile online!