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US College: Intel Finance, A World of Possibilities

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As a Finance professional, there are many different paths that you can take in your career. You are probably evaluating those career choices right now and wondering, “What distinguishes one company from the other?” Well, beyond the postings, I’ll pull back the curtain on the uniqueness of working in Intel Finance. (Psst...and I'll share an opportunity for you to check out a Virtual Career Fair with us!)

What is Unique about Intel Finance?

My name is Claudia, and I’ve been at Intel for nearly 11 years. I’ve had the good fortune of doing several Finance rotations, across several national and international locations. What has kept me here all of these years? Hands down, it has been the wonderful PEOPLE, but in addition to that, there are some very unique aspects of how Intel Finance works. Here is my summary of why this is the place to be:

- Opportunity to rotate every 18 - 24 monthsIt's almost like having several careers in one AND you get to choose where you go next.

- Intel Finance is truly a full partner in business decisionsHere, success is not a spreadsheet. It is having a seat at the table and influencing the decisions that drive stakeholder value.

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- Small Community Feel The College Graduate group often gets together for social activities such as barbeques, laser tag, and rafting. In addition to that, the broader finance organization at each site also gets together for fun activities (such as Casino Night pictured here) as well as community service activities. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know one another.

- Career Development FocusFrom the moment that I came thru the door, I was given a mentor. All new hires are given a mentor and the culture is very much focused on the importance of continuous professional development. It is taken so seriously, that even those in the highest positions regularly meet with teams to discuss and roll-out people development programs and opportunities.

Intern Program

The Finance Summer Intern Program is a 12-week assignment within an Intel Finance group where interns undertake a challenging project designed to blend strategic and operational work. You will be provided with a full network of individuals to ensure you have an incredible internship experience! You will also be assigned a controller level mentor, a peer level buddy, and you will have frequent educational and social networking events with interns from all over the US. A favorite activity is the Intern Conference, which is held at our Santa Clara headquarters (via our private jets), which gives interns the opportunity to share their summer experiences with other interns, and gain perspective about Intel though open forums with senior leaders in addition to Q&A’s with Intel intern alumni who are in more advanced stages of their careers in Intel Finance. Your internship will culminate with a high visibility presentation to senior management and the Intel Finance community as well as to the operations group you support. Intern projects are unique to the specific business need, but in all cases, these are assignments to solve REAL business issues.

Where We Recruit

Intel Finance recruits from colleges and universities throughout the US. Check with your career center and go through their process. However, if we are not going to your campus, you may apply and create a profile through www.intel.com/jobs

Want to learn more?

We will be hosting a Webinar and Virtual Career Fair on November 16th through with a live Q&A session! Come and learn how you can develop professional relationships between experienced finance professionals and colleagues through mentoring, peer coaching, and networking within Finance affinity groups! Learn what makes Intel Finance unique! Register for the event by visiting our Virtual Event Calendar page