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US College: Meet some of our interns! (Part 3)

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So far you’ve met two of our Intel interns: Steve in HR and Erin with Intel Customer Support . Today we’d like to introduce you to another one of our fantastic interns: Ruirui (aka Raymond) is a Graduate Technical Intern with the Intel Architecture Group. Here’s what he has to say about his internship thus far.

“As the first month of my internship at Intel draws to an end, I would like to share some of my experiences at Intel with you guys. As a 3rd year ECE PhD student, this summer is actually my first Internship term as a graduate student, however, I am certainly no stranger to the internship concept. In fact, I have gone through six different internship terms as part of my undergraduate program. Overall, I feel that I have had the best first month experience with Intel, compared to any of my previous internships. There are a number of factors that have contributed to my overall excellent experience, and I would like to share some of them here.

Ruirui_Huang_blogThe overall working environment is excellent at Intel and it certainly helped me transition into my work role as quickly as I could. A lot of times (and it’s happened to me personally a couple of times), it is easy for an intern to feel lost and confused in the first couple of weeks of an internship. The group that I am working with did everything they could to ease me into my role quickly, which allowed me to be productive from early on. For example, my manager and my mentor both sat down with me for a one hour meeting on my first day. During those initial meetings, they provided me with insightful information about Intel as a whole, the functions that my group serves to Intel, as well as the objectives of my internship. Ever since then, I have had weekly meetings with both of them. They have also encouraged me to simply come and talk to them whenever I have a question. Trust me, being able to talk to your supervisor and mentor frequently from early on is essential for a productive and enjoyable internship.

My co-workers were (and still are!) also extremely helpful and friendly to me. A member of my group, Kevin, actually volunteered to have a meeting with me and showed me in depth knowledge regarding my group’s work. Others from my group were just as easily approachable when I needed their help. Working with a great group of people makes even the usual afternoon coffee break interesting and rewarding as we discuss various ideas with each other. What truly amazes me is the openness between all Intel employees here. The nature of my job requires me to frequently interact with people from various teams and all of my encounters have been positively rewarding. There is nothing better than meeting with someone from another team and getting a glimpse of their Intel experiences.

My first month Intel experience doesn’t just end at Jones Farm (JF). I was invited to two house parties by my co-workers within the first month and they were both great and full of fun! I’ve also gone out for lunch with my co-workers on numerous occasions, giving them a chance to show me all the good food places around JF! There are endless stories that I would like to share but I’d be here forever. This is just a glimpse of my first month at Intel—looking forward to sharing more stories with you soon!”

Sounds like Raymond is having a blast and he’ll have more stories to share with you soon. Keep checking back to hear more from Raymond and our other interns over the summer!