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US College: Reflections on my Internship at Intel

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Here we are…it’s time to hear from our last featured intern, Antoniya, on her summer internship!

"My internship at Intel is coming to an end. The past three months have been hectic: they’ve been filled with a lot of work but also many fun moments. I found that my assignment, though challenging at times, was very beneficial. This conclusion is based on the fact that I had the opportunity to gain expertise in technological areas in which I only had superficial knowledge before. It allowed me to branch out of my technological comfort zone created by several years of PhD research. I believe that the cross-domain knowledge gained through this experience will help me become a more well-rounded computer scientist.

The last couple of days of my internship coincide with a “Face-to-Face” (F2F) event held in the group I have been working in. Since most business groups within Intel are spread across several sites, these F2F events are a vital part of Intel’s corporate culture. They allow all members of a group to meet, discuss work-related results, achievements, and future plans but most importantly connect on an personal level through a series of fun activities. This time the event is going to take place at one of the Hillsboro, OR Intel sites. It looks like I will be going on a fun field trip with all my Arizona coworkers! We will have to wake up at 5am and get on the Intel Air Shuttle to Hillsboro where I will finally get to meet the rest of the team and put faces to the voices I have been hearing over the audio conference bridge for the last two summers.

While on the topic of fun activities at Intel, I would like to point out that while people here are serious when it comes to work, they don’t take having fun lightly either. Anything, from watching FIFA World Cup in the floor lounge during lunch break and zealously supporting your favorite team like a proper soccer fan, to a quarterly bowling event with your group, or the occasional happy hour or hiking trip, falls within an average Intel employee’s list of regular fun activities. I also noticed that most people are serious about self-improvement and learning in different non-work related areas. It was my Intel coworkers who got me into diving, rock climbing, crossfit, and various other exciting and skill development activities. Having experienced the serious side of Intel, I was pleased to find out that striving for work-life balance is really valued and highly encouraged in the company.

With less than a week left of my internship and all the effort to wrap things up and finalize my deliverables, I am starting to realize that I am dreading leaving work. After three summers with the company, I have started to find my own place here and built a network of personal and professional contacts. However, I am leaving with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that through this “demo” of what life with a real job would be like and I am able to better envision and plan my future both professionally and on a personal level."

Thanks for sharing your summer experience with us Antoniya! We wish you the best of luck in the fall! There you have it folks—you heard from four very different interns on themselves, their projects and their experience! We hope it’s given you a taste of what Life at Intel is like and what an Intel internship is like!