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US College: Rockstar Recruiters recruiting future Rockstars!

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We’re so excited to share that our very own Dani Napier (you may remember her from earlier blog posts!) was just honored by the University of Southern California for her recruiting efforts and we’re very excited to be recognized! Dani attends the USC career events along with many other schools’ events and bring to campus alumni, college grads and managers looking to hire. Please check out our recruiting calendar and come and visit with us. You never know who you’re going to meet (Dani is a member of our rockstar campus recruiters! Find out who’ll be visiting your campus!) And don’t worry if you’re told to create your profile at Jobs at Intel. It is not a black hole of resume death and it really does matter. It’s the next step in the recruitment process. Thanks again Trojans! If Intel is visiting your campus, we hope to see you soon!