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US College: Steve's intern experience; week 7 and already a jet setter!

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Over the past few weeks we have introduced you to four of our interns: Steve, Erin, Raymond and Antoniya. Let’s check back in with them and see how their summer is going! First up is Steve!

“I have now been at Intel for seven weeks and am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I have visited more beautiful sites here in Oregon and have made new friends, both at Intel and outside of work. One thing that has been particularly meaningful to me about being an intern at Intel is the sense of equality that I feel. People don’t have issues meeting with an intern to help with a project. In fact, I have found most people to be very willing to go the extra mile to help me and make sure I have a great experience.

For example, last month I took the Intel shuttle down to the Ocotillo campus, just outside of Phoenix, AZ and spent a day in meetings with some fairly senior people in our division. Thanks to the Intel owned Embraer jet I was able to go to Phoenix and back on the same day. The people I met with didn’t have a problem with meeting with “just an intern” when their time is so valuable. Each person I met with provided me with great input for my project that has helped me to add value to the organization, and not just do busy work. Perhaps the best part of the trip was when I came home and had a conversation with my wife that went something like this:

Erin: How was work today?

Me: It was great. I went to Arizona, had some meetings for several hours, and then came back here to Oregon. It was pretty hot in Arizona. How was your day honey?

Erin: It was good. Took the kids out to the park. . .

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little because in reality my wife did know that I was going to Arizona for the day, but it was still amazing to be there and back in the same day without having to be away from my family for longer than necessary.

Now, for the specifics of my project. . . As an intern in US College Staffing, my main project is to recommend and begin the implementation of new value drivers for our team. Value drivers are metrics that are tracked in order to encourage certain behaviors and watch for trends. Some of these value drivers that we will closely monitor include: One year turnover of new hires (to see if we are hiring people who stay at Intel), Intern conversion rate (to see if Interns are choosing to come back for a full time offer or additional internship), and accuracy of our forecasted hiring needs (to see if we are correctly forecasting hiring needs into the future). We have several other value drivers that we’ll begin monitoring, but for now those are some of the main indicators we’ll use.

In addition to my work with the value drivers I am also playing an important role in our annual intern Career Day events. This is a huge activity where all the interns from our main US sites (Chandler, AZ , Folsom, CA , Santa Clara, CA , and Hillsboro, OR ) gather at their sites to learn about different Intel business groups. There will also be a career fair for current interns to discover what other opportunities are available at Intel for people with their interests and skills sets. Though the project is a smaller part of my responsibilities, I can still see how my small contribution will make a difference for Intel as a whole. In my opinion the best part about interning at Intel is the opportunity to add value to a great company and learn amazing things that could never be taught in the classroom. “

Thanks Steve for sharing how your internship is going as well as some of the projects you’re working on. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself! In the meantime, if you want to meet other interns and hear about their experiences, check out Life at Intelworking as an intern! And be sure to check back when we follow up with Erin, Raymond and Antoniya!