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US College: Three Internships Later and Still a Lot to Experience!

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We’ve heard from Steve, Erin and Raymond—now it’s Antoniya’s turn to share her summer project with us!

"My internship with Intel, so far, has proven to be a valuable and rewarding professional and personal learning experience. This year the challenge has been different than what I had experienced during my previous internships at Intel. I was able to participate in strategic planning as part of the process of defining a project with tangible results and very probable, immediate value to Intel’s business. So far, I have found it very valuable to observe the management tactics involved in the inception of the project and throughout its progression and how they fit into the company’s business strategy.

Not having a completely defined project, part of my responsibility has been to help translate a general direction into a series of realistic objectives and tasks and finally follow through with them. The goal at hand has been to develop a proof of concept on how Intel can leverage already existing technologies, such as Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and Intel® SOA Expressway, to address security issues associated with Cloud Computing.

A couple of weeks into my internship it was already clear that the challenge for me was twofold. First, I had to get familiar with state-of-the-art technologies in Cloud Computing and the latest Intel software contributions so that I could formulate feasible use cases. Second, I had to learn how to pursue my agenda; this turned out to be a cross-group undertaking with not entirely aligned goals. Thus, this experience has given me invaluable insight into the structure and complexities of everyday business strategies and goals within Intel.

In addition to the opportunity for competence and skill development, this internship has already paved the way for collaboration and friendships with people from different groups within Intel. The communication and exchange of ideas with different people has helped me gain more self-confidence and broaden my perspective of possible career paths and research tracks. Most importantly, by seeing the actual impact of the effort I put into the project, I have found real gratification in the profession I have chosen."

Thanks for sharing Antoniya! Glad to hear that, even though you’ve interned with Intel previously, that each internship has given you a unique experience!