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We are literally pushing the world forward

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Stanislaw Remizowicz is a Software Validation Engineer at Intel Gdansk. He currently leads an end-to-end Solution Validation Team.  



I started my adventure at Intel eight years ago as a test engineer. It’s amazing how dynamic my career has been. I’ve created entire test environments, designed and built hardware tools for server boards, and am now leading the Solution Validation Team. At Intel, I enjoy a flexible work environment that allows me to be truly innovative.

Much more than silicon

Every day I work with great colleagues solving new problems and creating technology that helps advance science, medicine, transportation, and much more. We are literally pushing the world forward!

My team’s focus is end-to-end solution validation. We’re responsible for testing products on a system level and from the customer's point of view. We’ve designed and developed an automated test environment that replicates client configurations. This is a completely new validation method. We’re not only able to identify current issues in a system, but we can also forecast future occurrences.

Life in Gdansk  





The great thing about working in Gdansk is our employee groups. I’m active and really enjoy our bike and sailing groups. Together, we take advantage of the amazing experiences our city has to offer.

The place to make a difference

Intel really supports me personally and professionally. As part of a community passionate about moving the world forward through great technology, I am able to make an impact doing what I love.

Learn more about our opportunities in the Data Center Group in Poland.

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