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Do you remember your first? Your first day of school? Your first date? Your first job? They say firsts are important. They set the tone. You can't take back that very first impression---so you better make it count. (No pressure now...)

So here I am, taking the first steps in writing the first blog post for my first big project in my first job. Phew, that's a lot of firsts, but here at Intel, we're not afraid of firsts. We welcome them. We embrace them. We create them.

You may have already heard about us--if not by name, then definitely our "dun-dundundun-dun" chime. You may be using one of our products to read this post right now (note: I said one of our products, we do more than microprocessors). You may already be following one of our many blogs. But what do you know about what it takes to join our team and becoming a part of our organization?

We are a global blog committed to helping you understand what we do, what we are looking for and how you can get here. You can expect to hear from Intel recruiters and employees from all over the world (Asia and Europe and the Americas, oh my!) on the topics you have questions about. Confused about what our recruiting process is? We got you covered. Want to know what it's like to work here? We'll show you. Have questions about engineering and non-engineering opportunities--yes, we hire for both!--and what skills we are looking for? We have the answers to all of that, and a bag of chips... computer chips that is.

This blog was created by us, for you. At Intel, we value the dialogue and connections we make with candidates as you consider where you will grow your career. Ask us your questions, leave us your comments, tell us what you like, and where we can do better. This may be our first meeting, but I am confident it will not be our last. And, by all means, share this with your friends. My name is Sejal and on behalf of all of the bloggers whom you will meet in the near future, welcome to the Jobs@Intel blog!
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