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What it's like to be an Intel Software Engineering Student Intern

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Hi all, my name is Nitzan. Netta here asked me to describe what it’s like to work as a student intern in Intel; specifically what it’s like to work on software as a student. I started out working at Intel in Israel about two years ago. I’m working on Pin , a (take a deep breath, you might want to sit down) dynamic binary instrumentation tool. Don’t worry, I didn’t understand a single word of it either when I started here. This tool is used as an engine for other tools produced by Intel; among them the Intel® Parallel Studio which is all kinds of awesome for parallel programming.

But let’s talk more about what it’s actually like, being a student intern. One of the fun things about Intel Israel is that there are a lot of us interns around – many of them I know from the Technion, where I study. This is great because we already know one another. We often eat together at the cafeteria, or take coffee or Wii* breaks together. Then there’s the air hockey table; though, it’s a bit further away so we don’t play with it as often. Naturally, I spend most of my time next to a computer writing code, but the breaks are never boring.

Another fun part about working at Intel is the helpful and spontaneous approach to doing things. The guy I work with had given a lecture about automatic parallelization tools where I study, and my cubicle partner participated in a virtual hiring fair. My group also got a chance to make a difference and volunteered; once to clean the beach (which I can see from my window!) and another time to package food for the unfortunate. As if that isn’t enough fun, I actually managed to fulfill a secret dream and take the modeling world by storm! I appeared in a local newspaper in an Intel ad for students – the photo shoot was a very fun experience!

So, basically, working here at Intel has been a lot of fun. Wanna join?