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Where career progression is a matter of mind over ladder

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Career progression is more than just getting a fancy new job title. Every role we hold at some point in our careers offers an opportunity to progress in ways we never thought possible.

At Intel, we don’t gauge success by the corporate ladder. Instead, we help employees develop a growth mindset and make the most of their unique work experiences.

The result? A culture of passionate, engaged employees who seize every opportunity to learn, take risks, and thrive.

Here’s how a few of our colleagues have embraced the growth mindset and progressed their careers:

Georgia Sandoval, a software engineer at the Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, Oregon:

georgia-1024x1024.pngGeorgia found her niche through building close relationships. She made her passion for challenging projects clear to her network. They offered not only their support, but opportunities for her to grow the career she loves.

georgia2-1024x1024.png“I started as an undergraduate intern working for the high performance computing integration team within the Data Center Group. During that time, I learned about hardware diagnostics and found my passion with performance validation, which is what my team hired me on to do full-time.”

Ian DeLa Cruz, a data scientist at the Ronler Acres campus:

Employer-Brand_Facebook_PhotoCarousel1_Mar22-1024x1024.pngWhile happy in his role within his internship at Intel, Ian kept an eye out for opportunities that would fit his career aspirations.

He continued to explore new interests and take calculated risks, including automating his engineering work. This positioned him for an opportunity in the Data Analytics Group. He made the switch and hasn’t looked back!

Employer-Brand_Facebook_PhotoCarousel2_Mar22-1024x1024.png“I really enjoy Intel as a place to learn and grow—there are a ton of smart people and opportunities to expand yourself and career over time. I find science and math interesting, but also the connections that you make with people.”

Nikita Ambasana, a signal integrity engineer at the Systems Research Center in Bangalore, India:

nikita2-1024x1024.pngFrom new methods to new skills, it’s all about continuous learning. Nikita says collaborating with team members who work in different geographic locations has afforded her invaluable insight into different cultures and work styles.

“I have had many opportunities to engage with awesome professionals from different cultures and with different perspectives. In my first quarter at Intel, I visited the Shanghai site and had a great experience interacting with and learning from the team there.”

For Nikita the more you know, the more you can learn. She ensures her team and manager are aware of the experience and knowledge she brings to the table. In turn, she’s able to take on more challenging and informative work.

nikita-1024x1024.png“As a result, I get assigned projects and tasks which not only keep me mentally stimulated but also allow me to increase my knowledge in our processes day in and day out. In the short time here, Intel has already proved to be a great place to work for me.”

Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or pursue a different route, it’s always a good idea to cultivate a growth mindset. Build your network, vocalize your career aspirations, and stay alert for new opportunities. Your career progression is in your hands (and mind).
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