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Why Intel? Because Amazing Happens Here

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When you think of Intel, what comes to mind? Dependable processors, a shiny sticker on your laptop, the familiar sound of the Intel “bong”?

What about futuristic neural networks, lifesaving precision medicine, or robotic submarines?

Even for those of us who work here, it’s astounding to witness our technologies powering mankind’s explorations from the deepest ocean depths to the vast reaches of space. We’re in awe of the solutions helping tackle some of today’s greatest challenges to create a better, safer world for every person on earth.

We are Intel, and we invite you to learn more about what we do, the exciting technology we create, and the amazing experiences we bring to life. Press play to watch the “Why Intel” video, then take a closer look at the incredible technologies it features in our deep-dive below.

Protecting the World’s Oceans, Marine and Wild Life

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and drones hold tremendous potential to help solve some of our planet’s most pressing problems and aid in the exploration and protection of our natural world.

Enter Parley SnotBots. “Parley Snotbot, a collaboration with Ocean Alliance and Intel, is a new and non-invasive research technology which allows us to explore our oceans in real time and open source data and knowledge,” said Cyrill Gutsch, Parley for the Oceans founder.

The oceans are the most important part of the water cycle, and marine plants provide most of the world's oxygen. The health of whales could be a litmus test for the health of the oceans themselves, revealing how pollutants, removal of resources and noise from human activities are affecting the undersea world. Scientists in turn can gauge the oceans’ impact on global climate and, by extension, their role in the health of humankind.

Transformative Entertainment

Transformative-Entertainment--1024x573.pngDrone technologies are doing important work in the world of science, but they’re also changing the landscape of entertainment.

From celebrating Wonder Woman to taking CES and Coachella by storm, our Intel Shooting Star drones have transformed the very nature of sky displays. Containing billions of colors combinations, these customized drones perform dazzling patterns of deft choreography controlled by a team of Intel drone pilots.

With limited noise pollution and low carbon footprint, our engineers have designed a family, pet, and environment-friendly way to light up the night sky. Now that’s entertainment.

Pale Blue Dot

Virtual reality is not just technology, it’s an experience. VR is paving the way for a new era in art, music, and entertainment. And we’re helping artists access new tools and create experiences once only possible in their imaginations.Pale-Blue-Dot-1024x549.png

In an exciting VR content collaboration, filmmaker Eliza McNitt captures the cosmos on earth in her latest project, “Pale Blue Dot.” It in, McNitt expands the boundaries of what’s possible in immersive cinema with the aid of Intel VR technologies. The result is a breathtaking interactive journey fueled only by a laptop and sleek VR headset.

Empowering Vivid Experiences

Virtual, merged, and augmented technologies are driving a brave new world of realities that prove anything really is possible.

Innovations in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and always-on connectivity ignite imaginations around the world. In History Comes Alive, facial scanning software and advanced animation transport passersby back in time to experience Chinese history via a fantastic blend of art and technology.

Not just for reliving the past, VR and AI allow people to explore the future.  Vivid Sydney Empowering-Vivid-Experiences--1024x579.png— the world’s largest festival of light, music, and ideas — embraces the ingenuity and reality-bending capabilities of these technologies to push genres boundaries and thrill participants, allowing them to walk through, touch, and interact with the future of art.

Accelerating the Future of Driving 

Together with our partners in the world’s automotive industry, we’re on the road to revolutionizing what it means to drive.

At our cutting-edge Autonomous Garage Labs in California, Arizona, Germany, and Oregon, engineers conduct research into autonomous test vehicles, accelerating the support technologies and solutions required to realize fully autonomous driving.


Our R&D teams are working on groundbreaking ecosystem innovations that will enable 5G vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and power increasingly sophisticated self-driving cars.

Tracking Climate Change

Our engineers are also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in some of the harshest and most unpredictable environments on earth, developing advanced drones that enable safer and less invasive field research into climate change and the dwindling polar bear population.

Tracking-Climate-Change--1024x568.pngRecently, an Intel drone team set off on an Arctic expedition to test the use of the Intel® Falcon™ 8+Drone. Designed for commercial use, the Intel Falcon 8+ drone can fly in extreme weather conditions and is equipped to capture thermal data and photography. These unique capabilities allow field researchers to better detect and document polar bears, which appear almost invisible against the Arctic ice, rough terrain, and floating ice caps.

With new technologies like these, researchers can safely and effectively capture critical data on the health of the polar bear population and the condition of the Arctic to gain a greater understanding of the impact climate change is having on our world.

Creative Engineering Yields Brilliant Artistry

Where science meets art, magic happens. As with innovative entertainer Chris Lee, who leveraged Intel artificial intelligence to produce “Rainy Day, But We Are Together,” a groundbreaking video experience that merged music and machine learning.

Creative-Engineering-Yields-Brilliant-Artistry--1024x572.pngOur AI team designed specialized deep learning computer models to quickly gather and analyze Lee’s facial features from hundreds of thousands of photographs, track her head movements and facial expressions to create a perfect 3D model that synced in real time, all without the use of tracking markers.

Advancements in AI and ML technologies like these are opening the door to more mainstream use, giving independent artists the ability to explore entirely new worlds of creativity, sometimes with little more than a laptop or PC.

AI Applications: On the Court, at Home, and Everywhere Else

AI-Applications.pngExciting smart technologies are transforming the landscape of work, home, and play. From wearable assistive tech to interactive kitchens and even connected performance devices, artificial intelligence applications empower new ways to experience everyday life (while making things a little easier and a lot more extraordinary).

Why Intel?

At Intel offices and labs worldwide, engineers, researchers, data scientists, developers, and technologists from all walks of life bring unique perspectives to the continued work of innovation.

And it’s both inspiring and humbling to see these efforts come to fruition and help advance humanity through the acceleration of artificial intelligence, drone technology, virtual reality, and always-on 5G connectivity.

We’re one company with many possibilities to make an impact on the world, and that’s why amazing works – and happens – here.

Interested in helping drive tomorrow’s greatest scientific and technological wonders? Join the Intel team today.

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