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Why Intel Values Military Veterans

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Note from the editor: Intel has been a strong advocate of investing in education, our local communities and our people. In the US, that ties into our pledge to invest in America and is seen through our commitment to support veterans who are transitioning to civilian life. As part of that commitment, we’ve created a recruiting team that is solely dedicated to supporting veterans, current and future employees. Meet Rob: he's worked at Intel for almost ten years, first starting in the Finance organization and he recently moved over to our recruiting organization as the Veteran Recruiting Program Manager. Prior to Intel, Rob served on active duty for four years with the US Army’s 1st Cavalry Division as an Armor officer. He still serves on a part time basis in the Army reserves as a Logistics officer where he was deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division from 2011 - 2012.  Rob’s here to tell you more about our Veteran hiring initiatives and his experience as a veteran and active duty at Intel.

I have one of the best jobs at Intel. Not only do I get to help people find their dream career, but I also have to privilege of focusing on the recruitment US military veterans. At Intel, we have made it a priority to increase our commitment to hiring the best and brightest military talent.

You may ask why Intel is so interested in hiring military veterans. Well, I can give you a hint by telling you that it has very little to do with the phrase, “It is the right thing to do.” It has more to do with the values, education and experiences that come with serving in the military. As a matter of fact, the military shares some of the same values that we hold dear at Intel such as: Discipline, Risk Taking, Results Orientation, and Quality.

In addition these shared values, veterans tend to be natural leaders. While serving in the military, they were commonly placed in leadership positions above their pay grade and level of experience. This forces a young soldier, sailor, marine or airman to develop and refine their leadership and management skills at the early stages of their careers. Veterans are also very comfortable working on teams and tend to exhibit advanced team building skills. The primary reason for this is that most missions in the military are accomplished as part of a team. At Intel, most of our projects are also team based and require a very high level to team work to accomplish the mission. Because of this veterans tend to seamlessly integrate into our teams and exhibit a high degree of collaboration and coordination.

Also important is the fact that veterans are extremely comfortable working in diverse population environments. Intel is proud of the fact that we have one of the more diverse employee populations among a group similar companies within the technology industry. Since the military is one of the most diverse organizations in the US, veterans are not only comfortable in a diverse workforce but tend to thrive in these environments. Veterans can also work under pressure and meet deadlines. Having personally served in two different high pressure and high stress overseas deployments, I can’t think of any situation in which most veterans would not meet a pressure packed deadline.

As the US military veterans’ talent acquisition manager at Intel, I definitely have a passion for Intel’s dedicated and focused efforts to attract the best and brightest military veterans. I am proud of the strides that Intel has made in employing and supporting our nation’s veterans. Please join our LinkedIn group, Intel Military Veterans and Service Members Community, for more information and updates on our veterans’ initiatives. If you have any questions or would like to follow up with me, I'm very active in the group and look forward to chatting with you there!