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Work/Life/School—It’s All Possible at Intel

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I’ve been to 22 different Intel campuses in 6 different countries in my 14 years at Intel. One thing is consistent – Intel employees’ spirit of wanting to always do better. Always wanting to BE better. It’s in our DNA. That’s one of the things that makes people love it here at Intel, or prompts them to move on if one is not so inclined – and that’s okay.

Recently, one of our manufacturing groups formed a partnership with the University of Arizona to establish a pretty amazing distance learning opportunity. Employees in Intel’s Fab/Sort Manufacturing group will be able to earn their Bachelor degree in Materials Science and Engineering, while still working at Intel.


It’s very difficult to go to school and work at the same time. Believe me, I know. What’s really great about this program is that Intel will support it from a work/life standpoint. That means employees’ managers will help them balance the requirements of a busy job with the demands of their educational program. Tuition assistance will also be available to eligible employees. It’s a clear commitment to learning and will be huge to those who participate.

One of the Intel sites I visited was our fabrication site (also called a “fab”) in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I was lucky enough to get a tour of the fab. Got to put on the bunny suit and everything. I was blown away by the extent and complexity of the engineering. After touring the fab and seeing the incredible technology there, how could you not want to learn more?

This new program facilitates that and eliminates the need for our employees to quit for a few years in order to start and/or finish school. Good thinking, guys. I like your DNA.