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Yes, we're still hiring!

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Hi Students! If you’re still looking for a job, we’re still looking to hire for full-time positions in 2010! You can express your interest by applying directly against openings you see on our job listings on our Jobs at Intel site.

We also are still in the midst of intern hiring for this summer and the upcoming fall semester. You should see quite a few open internship positions on our job search page . We’ve completed most of our on-campus recruiting for this semester, so if you see positions online that you’re interested in and qualified for, please do express your interest by applying directly to those positions!

We’ll be back in full force on campus in the fall to start recruiting for positions in 2011; in the meantime, we hope to continue engaging with you through this blog and we hope to see your applications online! We’ll be posting more information about our fall plans in our August and September blogs.

On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed blogging with you over the past year! Thanks so much for following along and for all of the great comments/questions you’ve submitted. We’re going to try something a little different going forward. Instead of just me blogging, some of my team members from the US College team are going to join in on the fun. You’ll still have a real person reading and answering your comments, but it just won’t be me all the time anymore. Stay tuned as we get the rest of my team members on board: we’ll have their profiles up on the “Meet the Bloggers” section soon!