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A Commitment to EdTech Excellence

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Introducing Intel N Series

Education has and continues to be a place for Intel to demonstrate our commitment to our mission as a company:  To create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. This purpose is something that we take seriously especially since we know that the PC has such an important role to play in all walks of life. Therefore, I am personally excited to introduce our latest product which we launched at CES 2023.

What we learned during the pandemic is that the PC is more essential than ever before. People consistently turn to this device to focus, game, create, engage, teach, or learn. Specifically for education, having the right PC has become integral to success at schools that have transitioned to one-to-one. Therefore, at Intel, we want to be in service of empowering modern learning and teaching with powerful learning experiences on the PC. But our "why" in education has and continues to be more.

Our why is also to shape the future of education to support higher-order skills needed to have success in education and the workforce or what we call Industry 4.0. Henceforth, it is important for EdTech companies to bring optimal digital learning and teaching capabilities on the PC. Finally, and equally important, our why is to improve the technology such that it is not a barrier to all. If we can do this, we can create an equitable, accessible framework of education excellence with our partners serving the global EdTech market. This is why our Intel RISE Technology Initiative (IRTI) has been instrumental in helping address access to technology and educational opportunities, including projects like the AI Incubator Network that builds AI labs at community colleges across the U.S to provide students with greater access to technical skills, tools and training in AI.


Scaled up performance and value

As we look at the student community, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep fueling growth as they are poised to not only embrace but thrive during Industry 4.0. To help prepare this generation of students, Intel works to invest in platform enhancements and technologies that improve performance, battery life, portability, durability, connectivity, manageability, and security. This is why I am thrilled about our newest product in our N-series entry lineup, the Intel® Processor. This product demonstrates our commitment to empower modern learning and teaching such that we deliver a fluid and immersive experience that students and teachers deserve on the PC. This means as much as a 28% boost in overall application system performance compared with the previous generation.1

We have been listening to educators and we clearly heard that as teaching has evolved, PCs need to keep up, too. Students and teachers need smooth streaming for cloud applications and better performance for multitasking. We believe that the new Intel® Processor will help address many of these baseline needs those students and teachers have come to expect. But we are not stopping there. We also introduced the Intel® Core™ i3 for the first time within our N-series line-up. This product will unleash additional performance at affordable system price points on Windows and Chromebooks. With this product, end-users can expect up to 42% step-up in performance.2 This means more time to focus and multitask, with improved battery life for anywhere learning.

Providing the market with options in OS and form factor (notebooks, Chromebooks, 2-in-1s, and desktops) is important to us to meet a variety of uses, lifestyles, and budgets. Therefore, I am happy to report that with the new Intel N-Series, we expect more than 50 PC designs will ship with our new Intel N-Series processors (availability will vary by market). This is the result of close collaboration with our OEM partners. These designs will also support best-in-class connectivity with Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+).3 This provides nearly 3x higher speeds with 802.11ac which can be especially important in multi-device environments such as the classroom.

The new N-series is an example of our commitment to excellence in EdTech and our purpose in action. But our work continues. A large part of what we do at Intel is pathfinding for the future, testing hypotheses and identifying what is next. The investments in technology and innovations in EdTech solutions will position and better prepare us for Industry 4.0. This is why I believe that our leadership in hardware, software enablement and EdTech innovation will continue to make PCs the best device for anywhere learning, while preserving an open and innovative ecosystem. I look forward to sharing more about how Intel and our partners will continue to influence technology in education this year and beyond.


Testimonials & Quotes

“We are very excited about the new Intel N-series processor and the Intel® Core™ i3 8-core processors. These usher in a new level of performance and videoconferencing experiences based on our collaboration with Intel, and at great device price points. We can’t wait to see devices based on these new processors in the market soon.”

—Chris Daniel, Sr. Director, ChromeOS Product Management, Google


“Microsoft is excited to continue innovating with Intel and our partner ecosystem, as we deliver devices and solutions with the latest technology that enable optimal and inclusive learning outcomes. We’re excited that Windows 11 on Alder Lake – N processors together will deliver powerful, connected, and affordable devices for the education segment globally.”

—Mark Linton, Vice President, Portfolio, Solutions and Management, Microsoft Corporation

Notices & Disclaimers
For all workload and configuration details, see Intel Performance Index. Results may vary.
1. As measured by CrossMark overall score on Intel® Processor N200 vs Intel Pentium® Silver N6000.
2. As measured by CrossMark overall score on Intel Core i3-N305 vs Intel Processor N200.
3. Based on integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+). Performance varies by use, configuration, and other factors. See for details.

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