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Arrow’s Tech Snacks Festival features three delicious presentations to help you develop motion-control, video, and high-performance FPGA applications

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This year, Arrow’s 10-day virtual Tech Snacks Festival (June 7-18) will include more than forty snack-sized sessions led by industry experts on topics ranging from AI/ML to Industry 4.0 and the future of automotive electronics. During the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to get some expert help from Intel presenters who will cover three hot application areas: motion-control, video, and high-performance FPGA applications. These are 15-minute sessions, so you won’t need to reschedule your entire day to attend.

Here are the details for the three Intel® FPGA Tech Snack presentations:

  • Wednesday, June 9: Ben Jeppesen and Diwakar Bansal will discuss real-time, deterministic, single- and multi-axis motion control for industrial drives and robotics.

  • Tuesday, June 15: Jean-Michel Vuillamy will discuss FPGA-based video processing, made easy.

  • Thursday, June 17: Graham Baker will discuss the breakthrough performance of 10nm Intel® Agilex® FPGAs. (See “Breakthrough FPGA News from Intel” for more details.)


Each 15-minute session is directly followed by an optional 45-minutes deep-dive on the topic, including Q&A for those looking for a more in-depth experience.


In addition, there are a couple of hour-long panel discussions that include Intel FPGA experts that you might want to attend:


  • Tuesday, June 8: “AI is predicted to reach human levels by 2029. Where are we right now and how will this impact designs of the future?” Dr. Mark Jervis from the Intel Programmable Solutions Group, is participating on this panel.

  • Thursday, June 17: “Getting ready for 5G. Doing things better and faster and creating new services and products we can’t foresee yet.” Martin Wiseman from the Intel Programmable Solutions Group, is participating on this panel.


For more information and to register, click here.



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