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Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition design software suite version 20.1 with support for Intel® Agilex™ FPGAs is ready for download

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The latest Intel® Quartus Prime Pro Edition software suite, version 20.1, is now available for download and you’re going to want it for the latest updates, which include the following additions and enhancements to make your design job much easier:


  • The v20.1 release of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software provides support for the Intel® Agilex™ FPGAs device family, which is Intel’s first FPGA fabric built on 10nm process technology.

  • A 33% compile time reduction when compared to Intel® Quartus® v18.1 for designs with high utilization.1

  • The Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition Software user interface has been updated to create a more intuitive interface and modern look and feel, including wizards, reports, and analysis tools.

  • Fast Preservation and ECO flows provide you a method for tweaking just the blocks you need

  • New Logic Depth report showing the levels of logic for each clock domain.

  • New Neighbor Paths report showing paths before and after, the elements along these paths, and information about the slack, skew, delay, etc.

  • 3D visualization in Global Signal Visualization report to aid in analyzing clock sector and clock routing usage and congestion.

  • Global Router Congestion Analysis Reports that enable you to see a detailed view of which nets contribute to routing congestion and help users debug routing issues earlier in the compile flow.


For more information on Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software, version 20.1, including download information, click here.


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