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Learn About the Intel® Agilex™ FPGA Portfolio Expansion

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Expanding the Intel® Agilex™ FPGA Offering to Enable New Capabilities and a Broad Set of Applications

With the introduction of Intel® Agilex™ FPGAs in 2019, Intel delivered the industry’s highest performance, flexible and industry-leading power efficiency programmable logic devices., This product family has become prominent in the FPGA industry and our customers are asking us to expand the scope of Intel Agilex FPGAs to suit an even broader range of applications, from data centers to the edge, from advanced communications to embedded systems, and from enterprise and commercial to military/aerospace projects.

Our latest Intel Agilex FPGA families now span virtually every application and performance level, from stratospheric processing speeds down to markets with the highest sales volumes that place a premium on low power consumption and small-footprint devices. 

The following chart provides a summary overview of the greatly expanded collection of Intel Agilex FPGA families.


At the highest end of the application spectrum, the Intel® Agilex™ 9 product family consists of programmable logic devices with unprecedented performance levels and specialized capabilities far beyond mainstream FPGAs including the recently announced Intel® Agilex™ 9 FPGAs Direct RF-Series products.

The Intel® Agilex™ 7 product family encompasses the original, high-performance Intel Agilex 7 FPGAs F-Series, Intel Agilex 7 FPGAs I-Series, and Intel Agilex 7 FPGAs M-Series. Offering the industry’s highest data rate transceivers, highest memory bandwidth, and first support for PCIe Express 5.0 and Compute Express link (CXL), these devices are ideal for the most bandwidth- and compute-intensive applications. 

The Intel® Agilex™ 5 device family includes the recently announced Intel Agilex 5 FPGA D-Series and the Intel Agilex 5 FPGA E-Series– formerly code named Sundance Mesa. These FPGAs are designed to deliver high performance with lower power consumption in small form factors. With the addition of E-Series FPGAs, the Intel Agilex 5 device family brings even lower power and packages as small as 15 mm x 15 mm to serve the midrange FPGA application space.

In addition, the bottom of the chart shows the new Intel® Agilex™ 3 device family for power-constrained applications that require cost-optimized devices in small-footprint packages. Our customers want FPGAs with the Intel Agilex FPGA advantages, but aimed at this most cost-sensitive part of the market. We are extremely excited about the Agilex portfolio expansion and will be sharing more details soon.

A Reliable, Global Supply Chain

All Intel Agilex FPGAs are built with advanced Intel process technologies, such as Intel 10 nm SuperFin, Intel 7 technology, and future Intel process nodes, using Intel’s geographically diverse and growing network of fabs. Many members of the Intel Agilex FPGA families employ chiplet-based design, and all members of these Intel Agilex FPGA families incorporate advanced packaging technologies, some of which were pioneered by Intel. Intel controls virtually all manufacturing aspects of these FPGAs to help ensure maximum supply chain resilience. As a result, you get best-in-class component lead times and reliable delivery schedules.

Unified Programmable Logic Architecture, Development Tools, and IP

The great expansion of the Intel Agilex FPGA architecture throughout the FPGA application spectrum – from designs that need the lowest power consumption and the smallest form factor to the toughest, bleeding-edge design problems – means that design teams can adopt a single development approach and environment while enjoying the benefits of a unified programmable-logic device portfolio, unified software tools, and a large and growing IP library specifically targeting Intel Agilex devices.

The expansion of the Intel Agilex FPGA architecture meets the needs of a wide range of FPGA-based system designs, from the smallest devices in the Intel Agilex 3 product family to the unrivalled performance delivered by members of the Intel Agilex 9 product family. Intel will continue to update and expand these device families to meet customers’ changing needs while consistently and reliably delivering parts through its resilient, global supply chain. For more information about these devices, please contact your local Intel sales representative.


For more information about the expanded portfolio of Intel Agilex FPGAs, read the product brief or visit intel.com/agilex.