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Learn More About Arm Development Studio for Intel® SoC FPGAs at this “Ask an Expert” Session

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Do you have questions about Embedded C/C++development using the Arm Development Studio for Intel® SoC FPGAs? Intel is holding another “Ask an Expert” session – this time about Arm Development Studio for Intel® SoC FPGAs. Join our pros and learn more about Embedded Software Development targeting integrated Arm Cortex processors inside of Intel® SoC FPGAs, and how you can get the most out of the Arm Development Studio. Register here.

Mark your calendars: Tuesday, September 28 21, 2021 9:00AM – 10:00AM Pacific Daylight Time (16:00-1700 GMT)

The session is part Webinar and part interactive discussion with technical experts who have hands-on experience doing Embedded Software Development and using the Arm Development Studio tools. All experience levels are welcome!

Here is what you can expect:
• Basic overview of Arm Development Studio for Intel® SoC FPGAs (Arm DS)
• Discuss each of the components for software development, such as the compiler, debugger, tracer, profiler and more.
• How-To: use Arm Development Studio to compile, debug and analyze embedded C code for Arm processors.
• A live demonstration will showcase various aspects of the tool operation: how to set up a debug connection to a device, how to set up a breakpoint, how to view disassembled code, and how to run a .ds script.

Bring your questions and discuss development techniques with other designers who are creating SoC FPGA designs and developing embedded C/C++ applications with the ARM Development Studio.

Meet the Experts

The webinar portion of the session will be lead by Chris Martin and Moderated by Susannah Martin. Both are engineers with substantial experience with the subject matter.

Chris has over 25 years of embedded and SoC industry experience. He has worked on software, design and verification teams for various companies creating Arm-based SoC/FPGA designs and embedded software. Currently, Chris is the senior manager of the North American specialist FAEs for Arm. He also serves as the specialist FAE for Arm software development and debug tools. He focuses on helping customers debug embedded software during the development cycle for their FPGA and SoC designs.

Susannah is a Senior Applications Engineer in the customer training group for Intel FPGAs, FPGA high-level tools, as well as SoC-related content. Prior to becoming a trainer, she worked as an FPGA design engineer, embedded programmer, and field applications engineer.

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