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Please join Intel for the oneAPI Developer Summit on April 26, 2021. It’s free!

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Join Intel for the oneAPI DevSummit, part of the International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) and focused on using Intel® oneAPI and Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) for accelerated computing across xPU architectures including CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other accelerators. During this one-day LIVE virtual conference, you will learn from leading industry and academia speakers who are working on innovative solutions involving cross-platform, multi-vendor architectures.

If you’re working with FPGAs, there are two presentations of special note for you during the Developer Summit:


Comparative Analysis of Intel HLS Design Tools on a Case Study in Neuromorphic​:

Neuromorphic object-classification algorithms have lower memory and compute complexities than CNNs at similar accuracies, which can improve the scalability of ML apps. This presentation explores the efficacy of HLS design tools, including Intel® SDK For OpenCL™ Applications for FPGAs and Intel oneAPI DPC++ for Intel® FPGAs, in terms of design latency and hardware resources. The talk includes case study details featuring a novel, neuromorphic ML algorithm.


It’s Acceleration but Faster! A Business Perspective on FPGA Development:

This talk explores the balance between time-to-market and performance optimization of application development using FPGAs. Informed by Intel partner for Creative Solutions Space Ltd’s journey from RTL to OpenCL to Intel’s OneAPI platform, the discussion focusses on real world examples and the advantages of using agile approaches to FPGA development.


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For more information about Intel DPC++, see “Springer and Intel publish new book on DPC++ parallel programming, and you can get a free PDF copy!




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