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Ready to Use Intel® oneAPI Toolkits with FPGAs? Get ready with this free 6-hour course

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The Intel® oneAPI Toolkits allow developers to develop, optimize, and deploy algorithms that use Intel FPGAs as look-aside accelerators in computing systems. A free 6-hour class will teach you how to write and compile Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) code that targets Intel® FPGAs. You will learn and practice the Intel oneAPI development flow to:

  • Emulate your code to ensure functionality

  • Optimize your code using reports, and

  • Generate and profile the compiled FPGA hardware bitstream

These are instructor-led classes taking place on October 13 and December 8, 2020. An included hands-on lab will take you through multiple optimization stages for example DPC++ code.

This is not the first time this course has been presented and the reactions from prior students has been enthusiastic:


“The workshop explains how to use oneAPI very clearly. It's extremely helpful in understanding the flow for accelerating the C++ applications on Intel FPGAs, CPUs and GPUs. It also presents many optimization techniques.”

“The workshop was deeply technical and hands on. The labs were easy to follow and also the instructor Susannah was available to help”

“Easy to use with multi-platform systems”

“Good introduction from a software perspective given by a great teacher”

“Good overview of oneAPI for FPGAs; right pace and nice labs!”


Note: The course is free. When asked for payment, select Credit Card/Purchase Order Instructions. You will not be asked for a CC number and will not be charged.


Ready to sign up for this comprehensive, free course? Register here.


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