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Engineering Arc - 5/9/2022

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by Lisa Pearce, Vice President and General Manager for the Visual Compute Group

As with my previous blog posts, I’d like to address the top questions we’ve received from the community over the last few weeks.

Question #1: Can you update us on the status of your Intel® Arc™ graphics mobile products?

We have been working closely with OEM partners to get Intel Arc graphics mobile designs fully launched. First was Samsung who started with availability in Korea and is expanding globally. We planned to have broader OEM availability at this point; however, we have had some software readiness delays and, together with COVID lock downs impacting global supply chains, OEM designs are only this month becoming more widely available.

Despite the constraints, our OEM partners have announced laptops with Intel Arc 3 graphics – including Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP, and Asus – and we are working with our partners to help them get these products into market ASAP. Laptops with Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 graphics will start becoming available in early summer.

Question #2: When are the desktop cards with Intel Arc graphics coming?

Unlike notebook designs, desktop systems have a vast set of combinations, including memory, motherboards, and CPUs. To initially limit some of this variation, we will launch working with system builders and OEMs with specific configurations.

We will release our entry-level Intel Arc A-series products for desktops (A3) first in China through system builders and OEMs in Q2. Etail and retail component sales will follow shortly in China as well. Proximity to board components and strong demand for entry-level discrete products makes this a natural place to start. Our next step will be to scale these products globally.

Roll-out of Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will start worldwide with OEMs and system integrators later this summer, followed by component sales in worldwide channels.

This staggered approach gives us confidence at each step that we can effectively serve our customer base.

Question #3: In an earlier blog you mentioned a driver toggle for certain benchmark specific optimizations. What is the status of that?

Apologies for not updating the community on this earlier. During our evaluation of this feature, we decided to go a step further and implement a system to allow users to control collections of our driver-based optimizations, including memory management options, constant folding, and others. We will collect related toggles into groups to allow end user customization. This has required additional development time, but we believe this will be the best solution for our Intel Arc graphics customers, and we’ll circle back in the next few weeks on when we expect to post the first driver with this capability.

As always, thank you to everyone in the community who has engaged with us on our Discord and social channels. We value your feedback, and we want to keep hearing from you as more of our products reach the market.


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Congratulations on the Intel Arc graphics card product. I wanted to know if you can implement the technology when I presented XeSS with the theme of the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC and Cyberpunk 2077 video games and I would like to know what kind of Intel graphics would be used with my i7-11700K processor. I could put I speak little English and I am Spanish well from Spain greetings

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Lisa (@gfxlisa) is a 25 year Intel veteran who has led our GPU software stack development and is now the Vice President of Intel's Visual Computing Group.