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Secret video revealed from Intel Arc mobile launch

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You may have watched the March 30th Intel® Arc™ event, and thought you saw everything there was to see; from new mobile GPU skus to a sneak peek at the Intel Arc desktop shroud. But did you know there was another hidden video that premiered on the 30th? You could only see it if you found clues in the streamed video.

To recap, the Intel Arc event on March 30th consisted of a roughly 20-minute streamed presentation hosted by Roger Chandler, VP General Manager, Gaming and Graphics Products at Intel. Roger walked us through the first launch of Intel Arc GPUs, revealing the A3, A5 and A7 series GPUs for laptops. Additionally, Roger showcased technologies like AV1 for fast and royalty free media encoding and decoding, revealed the first laptops shipping with Intel Arc, gave us a sneak peek at Arc Control software for your PC gaming experience, and much more. You can replay the event here.

While this video was playing, hidden in the background were four sets of mysterious symbols that showed up during the stream, and can be seen on the replay.



Below is an enhanced view of each set of symbols in the order they appeared. Look closely, can you solve it?


If you've been participating in the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt, you're probably trained up on these types of clues created by @CaptGeek, Eric Mantion. Clues like this were a staple experience for that activity, and have since established a culture and language between Intel and our enthusiast community. Learn more about that event in Eric's blog  XeHPG Scavenger Hunt Decoded.

If you haven't figured it out, take a closer look at each symbol. Notice how these shapes are made of curves. With each shape you can see points where the curves change path. Some shapes have more of these points.

Looking at the first set on the left there are 3 points then 5 points. The next set is 8 and 4, then 1, 5, 0, and finally 2, 3, and 0 points. The resulting answer, which is an IP address.

If you follow, you'll land on a page with a single embedded video, you can watch below.


So there you have it. You found the secret video and message to our Intel Graphics community from Pat, Raja, Lisa, Roger, and others. This is a genuine, heartfelt message from the top of the company on down. And as Roger said, these are the first steps for Intel Arc. There's so much more ahead. Thank you for all the support.

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