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Rambling Inferences from the Alleged Edge: “Days of Future Past”

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With the calendar flipping from 2021 to 2022 earlier this month, I pondered the accomplishments of the previous year with what might transpire in the new.

It reminded me of Chris Nolan’s mind-blowing (and under-rated, in my opinion) cinematic experience, “Tenet”, where we find that certain nefarious sources have created the technology to scrub forward or backward in time.   How cool would it be if I could harness that and apply it to recent and future events related to Intel graphics technology.   If possible, it just might resemble this….

We see our protagonist taking his first/last step and donning the oxygen mask to hop aboard the temporal loop to take a look back/forward!   After a dizzying period, he arrives at virtual GDC 2021, where he witnesses a seemingly ordinary presentation from Intel on tools they offer game developers for unlocking performance and new capabilities in their games.   This seems interesting enough, especially the part where they tease a game clip showing their inferencing engine, OpenVINO™, doing some sort of cool AI facial recognition exercise on an in-game character.    

Just as our hero is aiming to find out how to get his hands on this cool tech, someone pops out of the corner and shoves him into the inversion turnstile where he feels himself drifting into a nether realm…………................................................................................……..

where after an indeterminate time period, he realizes he’s arrived at GDC 2022.    
Feeling a bit woozy, our protagonist seats himself to collect thoughts, unaware he’s landed in a live session for the conference.    On the stage, is none other than leading game worlds guru, Adam Goodrich, from Procedural Worlds who is sharing ways to accelerate and augment high fidelity worlds in Gaia.    Our time traveler is fascinated to hear that once again, it’s
OpenVINO™ that is powering much of this advanced functionality.    This time, our hero is determined to find out path to implementing this technology.   That is, until security notices he lacks proper badging, and promptly removes him from the session.

As our protagonist attempts to explain his presence, we see a mysterious masked character arrive to whisk him back into the inversion turnstile where he feels himself again descending into…

…………..not madness, but another time slip.   

This time the protagonist finds himself at a warehouse in San Francisco in October of 2021, where a number of developers have gathered to see Intel VP, Roger Chandler, give a session on Intel technology and tools, called ‘Let’s Play’.  
Amongst other innovations, it included glorious highlights of forthcoming GPU hardware, code named ‘Alchemist’.    
Ironically, the presentation demonstrated jaw-dropping game highlights of real-time style transfer (authored by ML savant, Christian Mills), also enabled by
OpenVINO™.    Surely, he would at last find out how to implement this leading edge technology.    Surely, time could not be so cruel again. 
The protagonist’s heart sank when a light tap arrived on his right shoulder.   He was sure he was destined for another trip into the turnstile.    But, a calm came over him, as he looked into the kind face greeting him.   The stranger said, “My name is Pat, and I have something amazing to show you”.   The haze began to lift and the protagonist saw what was emerging………