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Intel® launches inpatient telehealth app for the Intel Unite® solution

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Patient Sight app seeks to enhance efficiency, improve security, and increase patient engagement

Santa Clara, Calif. — Intel announces the launch of Patient Sight, a new inpatient telehealth app for their Intel Unite® solution. The new app is designed to let doctors, nurses, and pharmacists communicate with patients remotely using high-resolution audio and video.

“Early on, our development team met with an ICU nurse at a large hospital and walked through an in-person visit with an infectious patient,” said Brian Cockrell, Intel Unite solution Product Owner and Co-founder. “The amount of toil and personnel involved — and the makeshift communication devices — was eye-opening.”

The app works with existing infrastructure and is compatible with devices and peripherals that may already be in use in the environment. A Windows 10 PC with an Intel® Core™ i5 or above processor serves as the “hub” in a patient’s room, connecting to an in-room display and camera; Caregivers can connect to the room using another Windows 10 PC. A simple, intuitive UI is launched by clicking a link in the patient’s medical record (the app is compatible with major EMR platforms). Caregivers can choose one-way observation or, with optional microphones and speakers, full two-way audio and video communication. Built-in pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control lets observers get a better view of key elements within the room. Data is end-to-end encrypted and personal information stays on the organizations network and isn’t stored.

“We’ve designed the app to be easy-to-use, more secure, and to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and infrastructure,” said Cockrell.

Patient Sight is now part of a large and growing library of apps for the Intel Unite solution, an open-architecture collaboration platform designed by Intel originally for its own use but now installed in enterprise, education, and healthcare operations globally. For more information about the Patient Sight app, visit; for more information about Intel Unite content sharing and collaboration platform, visit

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