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Accelerate your distributed workforce with Intel vPro and VMware Workspace ONE

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Enhanced remote manageability and security to empower IT to do more


I don’t need to belabor the point: the workplace has changed dramatically. Whether your organization is fully on site, fully remote, or somewhere in between, the workplace of today is vastly different today than last year and probably where it will be a year from now.

Corporations are implementing different workplace models based on business needs, organizational strategy, employee preference, and many other factors. Regardless of where employees are located, IT is tasked with supporting workers, enabling productivity, and providing an exceptional user experience.

IT professionals are challenged with highly dispersed fleets of PCs, a growing array of endpoints, an increased number of malware attacks, and a changing business landscape. They need the right tools to manage this shift.

Last year at VMworld, I had the pleasure of announcing a joint solution from Intel and VMware to empower IT departments to support workers everywhere. The integration of the built-for-business Intel vPro platform with VMware’s leading UEM solution, Workspace ONE, delivers an exceptional experience for the modern distributed workforce.

I’m happy to share that this solution is now available on Intel vPro®-based PCs for VMware Workspace ONE customers. This integration addresses several challenges facing modern IT administrators, including employee onboarding, managing, and updating devices, and remote device support.

The integration of Intel vPro with VMware Workspace ONE offers a new way to resolve these challenges by providing a new path into the system directly from the chip. Here are some of the exciting new ways that we are solving common pain points for IT.

Remote onboarding and profile deployment

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, IT needs to onboard employees across various locations and time zones. IT admins also need to be able to troubleshoot if issues arise during employee setup.

VMware Workspace ONE and Intel vPro are designed to make this process seamless. Workspace ONE simplifies provisioning tasks, allowing IT to deploy and configure devices for remote employees with drop-shop provisioning. While Intel vPro helps employees through the setup process and enables troubleshooting, even without the OS up and running. This is all done through the Workspace ONE console, improving the IT and end user experience.

Manage and update devices without user disruption

Keeping devices updated and patched is a key element to a company’s security strategy, but it can be challenging to manage across various networks and locations, and updates can be disruptive to users. The explosion of hybrid and remote work means that more employees are accessing company. Coupled with the rise in cyberthreats – ransomware attacks rose by 92.7% in 2021[1]  – companies are exposed to increased risk and security is at the forefront.

 With Intel vPro and VMware Workspace ONE, IT can wake and update devices over the internet without VPN, improving security and avoiding interruptions to workflow.

Device support, regardless of OS state

With a distributed workforce, device support can be time-consuming and costly. Employees can’t simply walk their PC to an IT service center and issues like a non-working OS can eat up days of productivity.

With the full keyboard, video, and mouse access features of the Intel vPro platform, IT can perform remote reset and recovery – even without a working OS. All of this can be done easily through the VMware Workspace ONE console, minimizing lost time and resources.

Intel and VMware Partner Program

Intel and VMware have launched a program with select channel partners to bring the modern manageability benefits of this integration to organizations around the world. We are pleased to announce CDW as the first channel partner to participate. With CDW’s scale and reach, we can help even more customers address pressing IT needs.


As the workplace continues to evolve, IT needs to support and empower workers, wherever they are. With Intel vPro and VMware Workspace ONE, IT has a powerful toolkit to address common challenges. This integration gives IT the ability to support the workforce quickly and easily, improving employee experience, productivity, and organizational security.

Learn more

If you are attending VMware Explore this year, you can stop by the Intel or VMware booth to learn more. We have demos and speaking sessions about this integration.

Learn more about it at

Check out this blog from VMware about the integration.


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[1] “Ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2021”. Accessed on 8/24/22.

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Stephanie Hallford is vice president in the Client Computing Group and general manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel Corporation.